Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Agatha Christie's Poirot, Series 8

Regular series actors since 1989, David Suchet (who 
portrayed Hercule Poirot), Hugh Fraser (as Captain 
Arthur Hastings), Philip Jackson (Inspector James Japp), 
and Pauline Moran (Miss Felicity Lemon) all returned for 
Evil Under the Sun - based on Agatha Christie's twenty-second novel, published in 1941. The book was also dramatised for cinema (in 1982), BBC radio (1999), 
and even as a PC game (2007). 
Hastings also appeared in the series' second feature-
length mystery, filmed on location in Tunisia - Murder
 in Mesopotamia was adapted from the novel of 1938.
The first serial, first transmitted in 2001, was repeated
again on ITV Encore yesterday, and both mysteries
featured a total of eleven Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

Evil Under the Sun (UK TX: April 20)
  • David Mallinson (Kenneth Marshall) voiced Brodlik for Big Finish's Creatures of Beauty (2003)
  • Russell Tovey (Lionel Marshall) played Midshipman Alonso Frame (pictured) in Voyage of the Dead - a role he reprised for The End of Time, Part 2 and The Lives of Captain Jack (BF, 2017)
  • Carolyn Pickles (Emily) voiced Lady Meera Darone for Army of Death (BF, 2011), and Cardinal Ollistra for Doom Coalition 4 (BF, 2017)
  • Ian Thompson (Major) was Hetra in The Web Planet, and Malsan in The Chase: The Death of Time
  • Kenneth Gilbert (Applegood) was Richard Dunbar in The Seeds of Doom
  • stuntman Peter Diamond was a regular stunt double and fight arranger on the classic series, from The Daleks to The Daemons
  • Jamie Harcourt was also a camera operator on The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit
Murder in Mesopotamia (UK TX: June 2)
  • Christopher Bowen (Carey) was Mordred in Battlefield
  • cinematographer Kevin Rowley was film cameraman on Destiny of the Daleks and The Mark of the Rani
  • Chris Wimble was also film editor on The Ambassadors of Death, The Daemons, The Invasion of Time and (part 1 of) The Leisure Hive
  • camera loader Chris Samworth was focus puller on Kill the Moon

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