Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Doctor Who On This Day #124

1965 - The DaleksEpisode 4: The Ambush repeated and Marco Polo, Episode
4: The Wall of Lies first screened, both on ABC
1968 - The Reign of Terror, Episode 6: Prisoners of Conciergerie and Planet of Giants, Episode 3: Crisis both repeated and The RomansEpisode 4: 
Inferno first screened, all on TV1 (NZ)
1969 The War Games, Episode 3 first screened on BBC1
1970 The Dominators, Episodes 1 and 2 both repeated on ABC
1971 The Enemy of the WorldEpisode 1 first screened on TV1 (NZ)
1975 - Death to the Daleks, Part 4 repeated on ABC; and Revenge of the 
Cybermen, Part 3 first screened on BBC1
1976 Robot, Part 3 repeated on ABC; and The Android InvasionPart 4 
first screened on TROS
1978 The Face of Evil, Part 2 and The Talons of Weng-Chiang, Part 5 both
repeated on ABC
1979 The Androids of TaraPart 1 repeated and Part 3 first screened, both
on ABC
1982 Warriors' Gate Omnibus repeated on WTTW 11; and Castrovalva,
Part 4 repeated and Four to Doomsday, Part 1 first screened, both on ABC
1983 Genesis of the Daleks, Part 3 repeated on KQED Plus; and Snakedance
Part 2 repeated and Part 3 first screened, both on ABC
1984 The Deadly Assassin, Part 1 repeated on KQED Plus; and Warriors' Gate
Part 4 repeated on ABC
1985 The Krotons, Parts 2 and 3 both first screened on TV2 (NZ); and The
Green Death, Episode 1 repeated on KQED Plus
1986 State of Decay, Part 3 repeated on KQED Plus
1987 The Android Invasion, Parts 3 and 4 both repeated on ABC; and The
 Visitation Omnibus repeated on KQED Plus
1988 Robot, Part 4 first screened on TV3 (Spain); The Brain of Morbius,
Part 1 repeated on TV de Galicia; The Horns of Nimon, Part 1 repeated on 
TV2 (NZ); and Full CirclePart 2 repeated on KQED Plus
1989 Death to the Daleks, Part 2 repeated on KQED Plus
1990 The Ribos Operation, Part 4 repeated on ABC; and The Twin Dilemma,
Part 3 repeated on KQED Plus
1991 The Power of KrollPart 4 and The Armageddon Factor, Part 1 both
repeated on KQED Plus
1993 Colony in Space, Episode 2 repeated on UK Gold; The Creature from 
the Pit Omnibus repeated on KQED Plus; and Terminus, Part 4 repeated on ABC
1994 The Horns of Nimon, Part 1 repeated on UK Gold; and The Paradise of 
Death, Episode 4 repeated on Radio 2
1995 Colony in Space, Episode 3 repeated on UK Gold; and The Ultimate 
FoePart 14 repeated on VOX
1997 - Robot Omnibus repeated on UKTV (Aus); and Pyramids of Mars, Part 
4 repeated on ZTV
1998 The Keys of Marinus, Episode 4: The Snows of Terror repeated on Space; and Timelash Omnibus repeated on UK Gold
1999 The Tomb of the Cybermen, Episode 2 repeated on Space; The Monster
 of Peladon, Parts 5 and 6 both repeated on Colorado PTV; Pyramids of Mars,
Part 4 repeated on UKTV (Aus); The Android Invasion Omnibus repeated on
KQED Plus; and 30 Years in the TARDIS repeated on BBC Prime
2000 The Tomb of the Cybermen, Episode 4 repeated on UKTV (Aus); and 
Inferno, Episode 1 repeated on TV3 (RI)
2001 - The Sontaran Experiment Omnibus repeated on BBC America; The Ribos Operation, Part 1 repeated on UKTV (Aus); The Androids of Tara, Part 4 repeated 
on Prime; and Mawdryn Undead, Part 3 repeated on BBC Prime
2002 - The Deadly Assassin, Part 4 repeated on BBC Kids (Can); Terminus,
Parts 1 and 2 both repeated on NHPTV; Remembrance of the Daleks, Part 4
repeated on UKTV (UK); and Death Comes to Time webcast concluded with
Part 12
2003 Planet of the Spiders and Robot Omnibuses both repeated on UK Gold;
Full Circle, Parts 3 and 4 both repeated on BBC Kids (Can); Black Orchid 
Omnibus repeated on KERA; Time and the RaniParts 3 and 4 both repeated 
on Colorado PTV; and The Ghosts of N-SpaceEpisode 4 repeated on Radio 7
2004 - Actor Anthony Ainley died in Harrow, aged 71; Terror of the Autons,
Episode 2 repeated on ABC; The Visitation Omnibus repeated on BBC Kids
 (Can); and Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 AD screened on Sky 2 (UK)
2005 The Androids of TaraPart 2 repeated on ABC
2007 - World War Three and Doctor Who Confidential: Why on Earth? both
first screened on WLIW 21; and Father's Day first screened on SVT2
2008 - The Seeds of Death, Episode 6 and The War Games, Episode 1 both repeated on MTV3 SciFi and TV4; The End of the World and Doctor Who Con-
fidential: Aliens. the Good, the Bad and the Ugly both repeated on WLIW 21;  
The Christmas Invasion repeated and Dr. Who and the Daleks screened, both
on UK Gold; Rise of the Cybermen first screened on OETA; The Fires of Pompeii
first screened on Syfy (US); The Poison Sky first screened on BBC1; and Doctor Who Confidential: Sontar-Ha! first screened on BBC3
2009 The Age of Steel repeated on Ozarks PTV; The Runaway Bride repeated
on WXXI; Love & Monsters and Doctor Who Confidential: The New World of Dr. 
Who both repeated on KERA; 42 first screened on WTVP; and Last of the Time Lords first screened on Idaho PTV
2010 - Love & Monsters repeated on Syfy (FRG); Doomsday, The Fires of 
Pompeii and Planet of the Ood all repeated on Syfy (Spain); Gridlock repeated 
on WTTW 11; Flesh and Stone repeated on BBC HD; and A Celebration first
broadcast on Radio Wales
2011 Nightmare of EdenParts 3 and 4 both repeated on  MTV3 SciFi, TV2
and TV4; The Shakespeare Code repeated on Space; The Eleventh Hour and
Doctor Who Confidential Cutdown: Call Me The Doctor both repeated on
UKTV (Aus); and Greatest Moments: The Cybermen repeated on ABC
2012 The Caves of Androzani, Parts 1 and 2 both repeated on Syfy (Aus);
Timelash, Parts 1 and 2 (of 4) both repeated on  MTV3 SciFi and TV4; Rose 
and Doctor Who Confidential Cutdown: Bringing Back The Doctor both
repeated on ABC2; Victory of the Daleks repeated on BBC America; The Lodger repeated on BBC Entertainment Asia Pacific; and Doctor Who Con-
fidential Cutdown: Are We There Yet? repeated on UKTV (Aus)
2013 Evolution of the Daleks repeated on Watch; Forest of the Dead first
screened on YLE TV2; Amy's Choice repeated on DR3; Day of the Moon 
repeated on BBC Nordic; The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe repeated
on Syfy (Portugal); and Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS repeated on
2014 Full Circle Omnibus, State of Decay, Part 1, Kinda, Part 4, The Visitation
Parts 1 and 2, The Impossible PlanetThe Satan PitLove & MonstersFear Her 
and Army of Ghosts all repeated on Syfy (Aus); World War Three and Dalek 
both repeated on Space; The Long Game repeated on KCPT2; Smith and Jones 
repeated on TV3 (Spain); Gridlock and Daleks in Manhattan both repeated on RAI4; The Fires of PompeiiPlanet of the Ood and The Doctor's Daughter all
repeated on Really Scary TV; Planet of the Dead and The Best of the Doctor 
both repeated on BBC Nordic HD and BBC Polska HD; Amy's ChoiceThe Hungry EarthCold BloodVincent and the Doctor and The Lodger all repeated on Fox (FRG); The Impossible Astronaut repeated on BBC Nordic and Syfy (Spain);
The Curse of the Black SpotThe Doctor's WifeThe Power of ThreeHide and
 Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS all repeated on France 4; A Good Man 
Goes to War repeated on Jeem TV (Middle East); The God Complex repeated
on BBC3 and BBC Nordic; Closing Time repeated on BBC3; The Bells of Saint John repeated on WGVU and UKTV (NZ); The Rings of Akhaten and Cold War 
both repeated on BBC Entertainment Europe, Romania and Middle East; and
Nightmare in Silver repeated on OETA
2015 - The Silurians, Episodes 5 to 7 and The Ambassadors of Death, Episode
all repeated on Retro TV; Inferno Omnibus repeated on KERA; The Android 
InvasionPart 4 repeated on KPTS; The Pirate Planet Omnibus repeated on
Horror; The Creature from the Pit, Part 2 and Closing Time both repeated on
Syfy (Aus); Earthshock, Parts 1 and 2 both repeated on KBTC; Rise of the Cybermen and Doctor Who Confidential: Cybermen both repeated on UNC-TV;
The Idiot's Lantern and Doctor Who Confidential: The Writer's Tale both 
repeated on Iowa PTV; Army of Ghosts repeated on KNCT; The Shakespeare Code repeated on WILL; The Lazarus Experiment and Doctor Who Confidential: 
From Zero to Hero both repeated on BBC Entertainment Asia Pacific; Turn Left, 
The Stolen Earth, Journey's End and The Eleventh Hour all repeated on KCPT2; 
Planet of the Dead, The Waters of Mars, The Day of the DoctorThe Doctors Revisited: The Tenth Doctor and The Culture Show Special: Me, You and Doctor Who all repeated on Watch; The Time of Angels repeated on BBC Entertainment Europe, Romania and Middle East; Cold Blood repeated on KCPT; The Curse of 
the Black Spot repeated on OETA; The Angels Take Manhattan repeated on 
Idaho PTV; Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS repeated on WVPB and KLRU;
Into the Dalek repeated on BBC Entertainment Latin America HD; Death in 
Heaven first screened on TLC TV and repeated on France 4; and Last 
Christmas repeated on France 4
2016 The Twin Dilemma, Parts 1 and 2 both repeated on Retro TV; School 
Reunion repeated on BBC Polska HD; 42 and Cold War repeated on Syfy (Aus);
The Fires of Pompeii repeated on TV Cultura; The End of Time, Part 2 repeated 
on ABC2; The Big Bang repeated on BBC Entertainment Asia Pacific; The 
Impossible Astronaut Day of the Moon both repeated on Syfy (Latin America); 
A Good Man Goes to War repeated on Einsfestival and Syfy (Aus); The Time 
of the DoctorInto the Dalek, Robot of Sherwood, Listen, Time Heist and The Caretaker all repeated on BBC America; Death in Heaven repeated on BBC First (Middle East) and WGVU; The Husbands of River Song repeated on RAI4; Doctor Who Explained repeated on Syfy (LA) and Syfy (Brazil); and Dr. Who and the 
Daleks screened on Moviemix (UK)
2017 The Time Warrior, Part 4 repeated on The Zone; Paradise Towers
Parts 2 and 3 both repeated on Retro TV; The Unquiet Dead, The Vampires 
of VeniceBehind the Lens: The Time of the Doctor and Doctor Who Extra: 
Robot of Sherwood all repeated on BBC Polska HD; Victory of the Daleks and 
The Time of Angels both repeated on Syfy (Latin America); Amy's Choice 
repeated on FX (India); The Big BangA Christmas Carol, The Impossible Astronaut, Day of the MoonThe Curse of the Black Spot and The Doctor's 
Wife all repeated on BBC America; The Snowmen and Nightmare in Silver 
both repeated on Syfy (Brazil); Face the Raven repeated on Syfy (Aus); 
and The Saviour of Time launched on Skype

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