Sunday, 21 May 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Robin of Sherwood, Series 1

ITV's last dramatisation of the Robin Hood legend
was shown from April 1984 to June 1986, and 
introduced Michael Praed as the iconic English
folk hero.
Renamed Robin Hood for American TV, this co-
production from HTV and Goldcrest Films was
conceived and written by Richard Carpenter
(1929-2012), the creator of Catweazle (1970/71).
This gritty retelling of the legend utilised a strong
fantasy element, black magic and paganism, and
was accompanied by a BAFTA winning soundtrack
from Clannad.
Here, Robin of Loxley is chosen by the mystical
Herne the Hunter (played by John Abineri) to
become champion of the oppressed. With his band
of 'Merry Men' Robin fights a guerilla campaign
against their Norman masters, particularly the
Sheriff of Nottingham and his deputy, Guy of
The outlaws were portrayed by Ray Winstone (Will
Scarlet), Clive Mantle (Little John), Phil Rose (Friar
Tuck), and Judi Trott (Marion), whilst Nickolas Grace and Robert Addie
depicted the Sheriff and Guy.
Another repeat run of the first, five-part season began on ITV Encore
yesterday, and featured eight Doctor Who cast connections:

  • Big Finish actor Grace made a brief TV appearance as Albert Einstein in Death is the Only Answer, and voiced Loozly for Bang-Bang-A-Boom! (2002), Straxus for Human Resources (2007), Sisters of the Flame and The Vengeance of Morbius (both 2008), both Balancer and Viktor Skaarsgard for Equilibrium (2015), Goole for Gallery of Ghouls (2016), Professor Grove for Shadow Planet/World Apart, and Chevalier D'Eon for Sword of the Chevalier (both 2017)
  • Mantle voiced Oliver Cromwell for The Settling (BF, 2006), Tuvold for The Burning Prince (2012), and both Tillegat and Lieutenant Treeves for Destroy the Infinite (BF, 2014)
  • Abineri was Van Lutyens in Fury from the Deep, General Carrington in The Ambassadors of Death, Richard Railton in Death to the Daleks, and Ranquin in The Power of Kroll
  • Philip Jackson (Abbot Hugo) voiced Laxton for Valhalla (BF, 2007), and Mr. Peabody for The Contingency Club (2017)
  • Simon Rouse (Siward) was Hindle in Kinda, and voiced John Kincaid for The Witch from the Well (BF, 2011), and Drang for The Paradox Planet and Legacy of Death (both 2016)
  • Simon Shepherd (voice of Alan-a-Dale here; voice of Robert of Huntington, Series 2) starred in the Serpent Crest series from AudioGo (2011) - Tsar Wars (as Boolin), The Broken Crown (Mr. Bewley), and Aladdin Time (the Magician)
  • stunt co-ordinator Terry Walsh was a stunt/fight arranger, stunt double and uncredited extra on a total  of seventy instalments of the original run (from The Smugglers to The Creature from the Pit)
  • stuntman Max Faulkner was a UNIT Soldier in The Ambassadors of Death, an Exxilon in (part 1 of) Death to the Daleks, a Miner in The Monster of Peladon (6), the Guard Captain in Planet of the Spiders (4), a Thal Guard in Genesis of the Daleks (3), a Crewman in Planet of Evil (1), Corporal Adams in The Android Invasion, and Nesbin in The Invasion of Time

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