Sunday, 18 June 2017

Doctor Who On This Day #170

1965 - 100,000 BC, Episode 2: The Cave of Skulls and The Keys of Marinus,
Episodes 2 and 3 all repeated on ABC 
1966 - The Savages, Episode 4 first screened on BBC1
1968 - The Power of the DaleksEpisode 4, The HighlandersEpisode 2, 
The Underwater Menace, Episode 2, The Moonbase, Episodes 2 and 4 and
The Faceless Ones, Episode 2 all repeated on ABC
1972 - The War Games, Episode 5 repeated on ABC
1973 - Actor Roger Delgado, aged 55, killed in a car crash near Neveshir, 
1976 Planet of the Spiders, Part 4 and The Ark in SpacePart 3 both
repeated oABC
1979 The Three Doctors, Episode 2 and Carnival of Monsters, Episode 4
both repeated on ABC
1980 - Horror of Fang RockPart 3 first screened on WTTW 11; and The 
Invasion of Time, Parts 1 to 3 all repeated on ABC
1981 The Masque of Mandragora, Part 2 repeated on KQED Plus
1982 The Horns of Nimon, Part 2 repeated on KQED Plus
1983 Terror of the Zygons, Part 4 first screened on KSPS; and The Seeds 
of Doom, Part 6 repeated on KQED Plus
1984 The Androids of Tara Omnibus repeated on WTTW 11; and Terminus,
Part 4 repeated on ABC
1985 The SiluriansEpisode 7 repeated on KQED Plus
1986 The Time Monster, Episode 2 repeated on ABC; and Earthshock, 
Part 1 repeated on KQED Plus
1987  The Daemons, Episode 3 repeated on KQED Plus
1988 Genesis of the Daleks, Part 1 repeated on Super Channel (UK); 
Castrovalva, Parts 3 and 4 and Resurrection of the Daleks Omnibus all 
repeated on ABC; and The Visitation, Part 4 repeated on KQED Plus
1989 - The Hand of FearParts 1 and 2 both repeated on Super Channel (UK); 
and Terror of the Vervoids Omnibus repeated on KQED Plus
1991 - Pyramids of Mars, Part 1 repeated on TV de Galicia; and Meglos, Part 2 repeated on KQED Plus
1992 Carnival of Monsters, Episode 3 repeated on KQED Plus
1993 The Mind of Evil, Episode 6 repeated on UK Gold
1994 The Invasion of Time Omnibus repeated on KQED Plus
1995 The Time Monster Omnibus repeated on UK Gold
1997 Carnival of Monsters, Episode 3 repeated on UKTV (Aus); and Genesis 
of the Daleks, Part 3 repeated on UK Gold
1998 The Romans, Episode 4: Inferno repeated on Space; and Time and the 
Rani, Part 4 repeated on UKTV (Aus)
1999 - The Daleks, Episodes 5 to 7 all repeated on UK Gold; The Ambassadors 
of Death, Episode 3 repeated on Space; and Warriors' Gate, Part 2 repeated 
on UKTV (Aus)
2000 - The Sensorites, Episode 5: Kidnap first screened on Prime; Colony in 
Space, Episode 6 repeated on TG4; Genesis of the Daleks, Parts 1 and 2 both repeated on KBTC; Terror of the Zygons, Part 4 repeated on WCET and KUED;
Pyramids of Mars, Parts 3 and 4 both repeated on NHPTV; Planet of Evil, Part
1 repeated on WCET; The Face of Evil, Part 4 repeated on Twin Cities PTV;
The Talons of Weng-Chiang, Part 1 repeated on WQED and Part 2 repeated on
Lakeshore PTV; The Sun Makers, Parts 1 and 2 both repeated on Colorado PTV;
The Stones of Blood Omnibus repeated on KNME; The Horns of Nimon, Parts 1
and 2 both repeated on MiND; State of Decay, Part 4 repeated on BBC Prime;
Four to Doomsday Omnibus repeated on MPT; Timelash, Part 2 (of 4) repeated
on WUSF; and Dragonfire Omnibus repeated on UK Gold
2001 The War Games, Episodes 1 to 5 all repeated on KQED Plus; The Deadly Assassin, Parts 3 and 4 both repeated on BBC America; and City of Death, Part
2 repeated on UKTV (Aus)
2002 Underworld, Part 2 repeated on BBC Kids (Can)
2003 The Ark in Space, Part 4 repeated on Tele 5 (Pol); and The Masque
of Mandragora, Parts 1 and 2 both repeated on BBC Kids (Can)
2005 The King's Demons Omnibus repeated on UK Gold; World War Three 
first screened on ABC1; The Parting of the Ways first screened on BBC1 and
repeated on BBC3; Doctor Who Confidential: The Ultimate Guide first screened 
on BBC1; and Doctor Who Confidential: The Last Battle first screened on BBC3
2006 - Planet of the Spiders Omnibus repeated on MPT; Boom Town first
screened on People+ Arts (Spain); and Love & Monsters repeated on BBC3
2007 - Dalek first screened on WTTW 11; Bad Wolf first screened on NET and
repeated on People+ Arts (Spain); and Doctor Who Confidential: The World 
of Who first screened on NET
2008 - The Sea Devils, Episodes 2 and 3 both first screened on MTV3 SciFi 
and TV4; and Boom Town repeated on Jimmy
2009 - Love & Monsters and Fear Her both repeated on Syfy (Russia)
2010 World War Three repeated on Syfy (Russia); Bad Wolf first screened
on Space; New Earth repeated on Syfy (FRG); The Age of Steel repeated on
Syfy (Spain); Planet of the Ood, The Doctor's Daughter, The Unicorn and the WaspSilence in the LibraryForest of the Dead, Turn Left and The Stole
Earth all repeated on Syfy (US); Midnight first screened on WGVU and 
repeated on Syfy (US); Flesh and Stone repeated on Prime; The Lodger 
repeated on BBC3; and Doctor Who Confidential: Look Who's Talking first 
screened on WGVU
2011 Voyage of the Damned and The Fires of Pompeii both repeated on BBC America; Partners in Crime repeated on BBC America and ABC1; The Eleventh Hour repeated on BBC3 and BBC HD; The Beast Below repeated on BBC HD;
and Amy's Choice and Doctor Who Confidential Cutdown: Arthurian Legend 
both repeated on UKTV (Aus)
2012 - The Idiot's Lantern first screened on YLE TV2; Evolution of the Daleks 
and Doctor Who Confidential Cutdown: Making Manhattan both repeated on
ABC2; and Doctor Who Confidential Cutdown: Monsters Inc. repeated on UKTV

2013 Daleks in Manhattan repeated on Syfy (Portugal); The Pandorica Opens 
repeated on Watch; The Almost People and A Good Man Goes to War both
repeated on Syfy (Spain); Let's Kill Hitler first screened on YLE TV2 and 
repeated on Syfy (Spain); and Doctor Who Confidential: River Runs Deep 
repeated on BBC Entertainment Europe, Romania and Middle East
2014 Planet of Evil, Part 2, The Caves of Androzani, Part 3 and Flesh and 
Stone all repeated on Syfy (Aus); The Talons of Weng-Chiang, Parts 5 and 6
both first screened on Horror; The Unquiet Dead repeated on Watch and TV3 (Spain); Aliens of London repeated on TV3; The Age of Steel repeated on RAI4;
Gridlock repeated on KCPT2; The Beast Below repeated on KLRU; Victory of the Daleks and The Time of Angels both repeated on Fox (FRG); The Hungry Earth 
repeated on Syfy (Portugal); The Curse of the Black Spot repeated on BBC 
Nordic HD and BBC Polska HD; Night Terrors repeated on BBC America; The 
Girl Who Waited repeated on BBC America and WSIU; Closing Time repeated
on Syfy (Ben); Nightmare in Silver repeated on Really Scary TV; and The Name
 of the Doctor repeated on BBC Entertainment Latin America HD
2015 The Green DeathEpisodes 5 and 6 both repeated on Horror; The Ribos OperationParts 1 and 2 both repeated and The Ultimate FoeParts 1 and 2 
both first screened, all on Retro TV; The Keeper of Traken, Part 1 and The 
Shakespeare Code both repeated on Syfy (Aus); The Age of Steel first screened
on Disney XD (US);  Fear Her and Doctor Who Confidential: The Fright Stuff both repeated on UNC-MX; Army of Ghosts first screened on FX (India); The Stolen Earth repeated on TV Cultura; The End of Time, Part 1 repeated on ABC2; Cold Blood repeated on BBC Entertainment Asia Pacific; The Almost People repeated 
on KCPT2; and Hide and Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS both repeated on 
BBC Nordic HD and BBC Polska HD
2016 The AztecsEpisode 2: The Warriors of Death repeated on KMOS;
Terminus, Parts 3 and 4, Enlightenment, Parts 1 and 2 and Survival, Parts 
and 2 all repeated on Retro TV; The Sound of Drums repeated on Watch;
 The Sontaran Stratagem, The Poison Sky, The Doctor's Daughter, The Unicorn
 and the Wasp and Silence in the Library all repeated on BBC Polska HD;
 Midnight, Turn Left, The Stolen Earth and Journey's End all repeated on France 
4; The Beast Below, Victory of the Daleks, The Time of Angels and Flesh and 
Stone all repeated on Syfy (Aus); Amy's Choice, The Hungry Earth, Cold Blood, 
Vincent and the Doctor, The Lodger, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, The Crimson Horror and Nightmare in Silver all repeated on Syfy (Latin America); 
The Power of Three repeated on Syfy (Spain); The Name of the Doctor, The 
Time of the Doctor and Doctor Who Explained all repeated on BBC Entertainment 
Asia Pacific; The Day of the Doctor repeated on BBC First (Middle East) and BBC Entertainment AP; The Magician's Apprentice, The Witch's Familiar, Heaven Sent 
and Hell Bent all repeated on Syfy (Brazil); The Girl Who Died repeated on BBC First (Ben); Sleep No More and Face the Raven both repeated on BBC First
 (RSA); The Husbands of River Song repeated on BBC First (ME) and Syfy
(Brazil); and Industrial Evolution, Part 2 first broadcast on Radio 4 Extra

2017 Genesis of the Daleks, Parts 4 to 6 all repeated on WFWA; The Brain of MorbiusPart 1 repeated on KRWG; The Seeds of Doom, Part 6 and The Masque 
of Mandragora Omnibus both repeated on The Zone; The Sun Makers Omnibus
 repeated on WYCC; The Horns of Nimon Omnibus repeated on WXXI; Full Circle Omnibus repeated on WILL; The Keeper of Traken Omnibus repeated on Iowa
 PTV; Planet of Fire and The Curse of Fenric Omnibuses both repeated on KBTC; 
The Two Doctors Omnibus repeated on Idaho PTV; World War Three repeated
 on Syfy (Aus); The Runaway Bride repeated on RAI4; Night Terrors and The 
Girl Who Waited both repeated on W; Closing Time repeated on Syfy (Aus); 
The Angels Take Manhattan, The Snowmen and The Bells of Saint John all 
repeated on FX (India); The Rings of Akhaten, HideJourney to the Centre of 
the TARDIS and Behind the Lens: The Time of the Doctor all repeated on BBC
Polska HD; Nightmare in Silver, The Name of the Doctor, Robot of Sherwood, 
Listen, Time HeistThe Caretaker and Kill the Moon all repeated on Syfy (Brazil); 
Into the Dalek repeated on TLC TV and Syfy (Brazil); Mummy on the Orient 
Express and Flatline both repeated on Syfy (Latin America); Dark Water and 
Death in Heaven both repeated on BBC Entertainment Europe; The Lie of the Land repeated on DR3; Empress of Mars repeated on BBC America and Syfy (Brazil); The Eaters of Light first screened on BBC America, ABC, ABC ME,
Space, Prime, YLE TV2 and Syfy (Brazil); and Paradise 5, Episode repeated 
on Radio 4 Extra

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