Monday, 19 June 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Carry On Constable

The fourth production from the popular Carry On 
stable was released in early 1960, and focused on 
the exploits of four bungling London police recruits 
played by Kenneth Williams (Benson), Charles
Hawtrey (Gorse), Kenneth Connor (Constable), and
Leslie Phillips (Potter). Joan Sims (WPC Passworthy),
and Hattie Jacques (Sgt. Moon) also returned here.
Actor Sid James (1913-1976) made his series debut
(as Sgt. Wilkins) when he replaced comedian Ted
Ray, star of Carry On Teacher. James would
appear in another eighteen titles.
This gentle British comedy was shown again on Film4
today, and featured Eric Barker, Joan Hickson, and
seven Doctor Who cast connections:

  • Joan Young (Suspect) played Catherine de Medici (pictured) in The Massacre
  • for Victor Maddern (DS Liddell) see Carry On Cleo
  • Colin Gordon (Extra) was Commandant in The Faceless Ones 
  • Tex Fuller (Van Man) was the Exxilon Messenger in (part 3 of) Death to the Daleks
  • John Silk (PC) was a stuntman on The Daemons (4)
  • for Reg Thomason (Operator) see Carry On Sergeant
  • Frederick Treves (Announcer) was Lieutenant Brotadac in Meglos

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