Saturday, 17 June 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Carry On Cowboy

Series stalwarts Sid James (as Johnny Finger), Kenneth Williams (Judge Burke),
Joan Sims (Belle), Charles Hawtrey (Big Heap), and Jim Dale (Marshal P. Knutt) 
all returned for the eleventh instalment 
in the popular Carry On franchise.
Bernard Bresslaw (Little Heap), Peter Butterworth (Doc), and Angela Douglas
(Annie Oakley) all made their series 
debuts here.
After the historical panto that was Carry 
On Cleo, the next title in the run was an
ambitious Western inspired by The Sheriff 
of Fractured Jaw (1958), where Kenneth 
More played an Englishman in the Wild 
The comedy (released in 1965) was
shown again on ITV today, and featured Jon Pertwee (pictured left as
Sheriff Albert Earp), and twenty-five other Doctor Who cast connections:

  • for Bresslaw and Simon Cain (Short) see Carry On At Your Convenience
  • for Douglas, Butterworth, and Billy Cornelius (Horseman) see Carry On Screaming!
  • for Peter Gilmore (Curly) see Carry On Cleo
  • David Ashton [born David Scott] (Rider) was Kendron in Timelash
  • Bill Brandon (Horseman) was an uncredited Mongol Warrior in Marco Polo
  • John Cam (Patron) and Bryan Mosley (Rider) both appeared in The Daleks' Master Plan - as a Technix (episode 1), and both a Prop Man [Buddy Windrush] (7) and Malpha (11)
  • Tim Condren (Rider) was a Saxon Warrior in The Time Meddler(4), Soldier in The Web of Fear (4), and Guerilla in Day of the Daleks (1)
  • Billy Dean (Rider) was a Guard in The Curse of Peladon (1)
  • Reg Dent (Rider) was a Horseman in both The Highlanders (1) and The War Games (3)
  • Rick Lester (Rider) was an Ogron in Day of the Daleks, Carnival of Monsters (2) and Frontier in Space
  • Steve Emerson (Rider) was a UNIT Soldier in The Claws of Axos (1), and Rebel in Frontios (3)
  • Raymond Novak (Rider) was a Saracen Warrior in The Crusade
  • Peter Pocock (Rider) was a Soldier in The Tenth Planet (4), and Guard in The Masque of Mandragora (1)
  • Norman Stanley (Drunk) was the Telephone Engineer in Terror of the Autons (3)
  • Johnny Scripps (Rider) was a Foot Soldier in The War Games (3)
  • Roy Street (Rider) was a UNIT Motorcyclist in Terror of the Autons (1), Guard in The Curse of Peladon (4), and stuntman on The Masque of Mandragora (1)
  • for Michael Stevens (Horseman) see Carry On Abroad
  • for Maxwell Craig (Patron here and Carry On Regardless) and Bernard Barnsley (Rider) see Carry On Jack
  • for Mick Dillon (Rider) see Carry On Henry
  • for Reg Thomason (Rider) see Carry On Sergeant

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