Sunday, 25 June 2017

Doctor Who Vs. King Ralph

Released by Universal in 1991, this minor box-office
hit comedy was shown again on ITV today. When the 
entire House of Wyndham is electrocuted to death in 
freak accident, the only survivng heir to the British 
throne is revealed as the long-lost, working-class 
American, Ralph Jones (played by John Goodman).
Installed in London, Ralph is then schooled as the new monarch by the real heir, Willingham (Peter O'Toole) 
and Phipps (Richard Griffiths), but is frustrated by the traitorous heir apparent, Lord Graves (the recently 
knighted Sir John Hurt).
The cast of King Ralph also featured Camille Coduri 
(pictured as the new King's love interest, Miranda 
Green) and twelve other Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

  • Julian Glover (King Gustav) played King Richard in The Crusade, and Scaroth in City of Death
  • Ian Gelder (Instructor) was Dekker in Torchwood: Children of Earth, and voiced the Commander for Big Finish's Legend of the Cybermen (2010)
  • Leslie Phillips (Halliwell) voiced Robert Knox for both Medicinal Purposes (BF, 2004) and Assassin in the Limelight (BF, 2008) - Phillips also appeared with Hurt in Scandal
  • Ann Beach (Mum) voiced the Deacon for Night Thoughts (BF, 2006)
  • Rudolph Walker (King Mulambon) was Harper in (episodes 4 and 5 of) The War Games
  • Dallas Adams (MC) was Professor Howard Foster in Planet of Fire
  • Angus MacKay (Tailor) was Lord Cardinal Borusa in The Deadly Assassin, and the Headmaster in Mawdryn Undead
  • Roger Ashton-Griffiths (Photographer) was Quayle in Robot of Sherwood
  • stunt co-ordinator Greg Powell was the Knight in The Time Monster
  • cinematographer Kenneth MacMillan had been a film cameraman on Planet of Evil
  • Peter Walpole was also the set decorator on RoseThe End of the World, The Unquiet Dead, Aliens of London and World War Three
  • associate editor William Webb also edited Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures

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