Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Robin of Sherwood, Series 2

Actors Ray Winstone, Clive Mantle, Phil Rose, 
Judi Trott, Peter Llewellyn Williams, Mark Ryan, 
John Abineri, Nckolas Grace and Robert Addie 
all returned for ITV's next round of Robin Hood 
Robin of Loxley (again played by Michael Praed) 
was killed at the conclusion of this series, and 
Robert of Huntingdon (Jason Connery) succeeded 
him as the legendary outlaw.
Another repeat run of the second, seven-part 
season began on ITV Encore yesterday, and 
featured thirteen Doctor Who cast and crew 

  • Phil Davis (Prince John) was Lucius Petrus Dextrus in The Fires of Pompeii, and voiced Titus for Big Finish's The Cannibalists (2009)
  • George Baker (Sir Richard) was Decider Login in Full Circle
  • David de Keyser (Joshua) was the voice of the Atraxi for The Eleventh Hour, and provided the Cybermen voices for the multi-platform video game The Eternity Clock
  • Richard Bonehill (Swordsman) was the Flight Engineer in Time Flight, First Officer in Enlightenment, Guardolier in Timelash, and Guard in both Revelation of the Daleks and Terror of the Vervoids
  • Jeremy Bulloch (Edward of Wickham) was Tor in (episode 4 of) The Space Museum, and Hal in The Time Warrior
  • Dallas Adams (Peter) was Professor Howard Foster in Planet of Fire
  • Rula Lenska (Morgwyn) was Styles in Resurrection of the Daleks
  • Nick Brimble (Captain) voiced Shreeni for Exotron (2007), Kith for Max Warp (2008), Dudley Jackson for The Eternal Summer (2009), and Olaf Eriksson for The Book of Kells (2010)
  • Marcus Gilbert (Lucifer) was Ancelyn in Battlefield
  • Glen Murphy (Sir William) was a titular Tribesman in Kinda, and Dibber in The Mysterious Planet
  • series stunt co-ordinator Terry Walsh was a stunt/fight arranger, stunt double and uncredited extra on a total  of seventy instalments of the original run (from The Smugglers to The Creature from the Pit)
  • second assistant director Jon Older was the first assistant on The Empty Child, The Doctor Dances, The Christmas Invasion, New Earth and School Reunion
  • Tom Maslen was camera grip on The Waters of Mars too

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