Saturday, 8 July 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Agatha Christie's Miss Marple: At Bertram's Hotel

The Queen of Crime's tenth Marple mystery, her fifty-
sixth crime novel, was published in 1965 and serialised
 in Woman's Own. The book was first adapted for 
television by BBC1, and was originally screened in the 
winter of 1987 - a (less faithful) ITV version followed 
thirty years later.
One of Miss Marple's few outings from St. Mary Mead
finds her staying in London. Bertram's, the fictional 
setting of the story, is thought to have been inspired 
by Brown's, a favourite haunt of Christie's, but could 
also have been based on another Mayfair hotel, 
Miss Marple series producer George Gallacio was
production manager on thirty episodes of the classic
era (from Planet of the Daleks to The Seeds of Doom).
This two-part serial was repeated again on the Alibi channel today, and 
featured fifteen further Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

  • George Baker (Inspector Davy) played Decider Login in Full Circle
  • Preston Lockwood (Pennyfather) was Dojjen in Snakedance
  • Big Finish artist Philip Bretherton (Campbell) voiced Plenipotentiary Suskind for Arrangements for War (2004), Scrivener for Recorded Time, Darcy, D'Urberville and Heathcliff all for A Most Excellent Match (both 2011), and Vituperon for The Devil's Armada (2014)
  • Edward Burnham (Whittaker) was Professors Watkins and Kettlewell in The Invasion and Robot respectively
  • Rashid Karapiet (Waiter) was Rita's Father in The God Complex
  • Kate Duchene (Rose) voiced Regina and Seraphim for The High Price of Parking (BF, 2017)
  • cinematographer John Walker was a film cameraman on nine stories (from Horror of Fang Rock to Revelation of the Daleks)
  • Bernard Ashby was film editor on Arc of Infinity too
  • make-up artist Sheelagh Wells began her career as an uncredited assistant on Planet of the Spiders, worked on Mawdryn Undead, then returned to the revived run for The Christmas Invasion through to Doomsday
  • Judy Pepperdine was costume designer on Warriors of the Deep too
  • Thea Murray and Patricia Greenland were also production assistants on The Masque of Mandragora, and Full Circle and Logopolis respectively
  • Jo O'Leary was location manager on Revelation of the Daleks too
  • Tony Redston was also production manager on The Mark of the Rani and Time and the Rani
  • Christopher Sanderman was an AFM on the second Rani adventure too
BBC Radio 4 transmitted a five-part adaptation of At Bertram's Hotel in
December 2004. June Whitfield again voiced Miss Marple, and was joined
by classic series co-stars:
  • Frederick Jaeger (DCI Davy) was Jano in The Savages, Sorenson in Planet of Evil, and Professor Marius in The Invisible Enemy
  • Maurice Denham (Pennyfather) was Azmael in The Twin Dilemma, and voiced the President for The Paradise of Death

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