Monday, 10 July 2017

Doctor Who Vs. The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, Series 2

Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke 
returned as Holmes and Watson for the 
sixth and penultimate season of Granada's acclaimed period drama.
Conan Doyle's final short Holmes stories 
were published between 1921 and 1927 
as The Case Book, but only one serial 
here - The Last Vampyre (based on The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire) - was
from that volume.
Part one was adapted from The Adventure 
of Charles Augustus Milverton, and came from The Return of Sherlock Holmes (issued
 in 1904), whilst episode three was based 
on The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor
released as part of The Adventures 
collection in 1892.
These three feature-length mysteries began another repeat run on ITV3 
yesterday, and starred Geoffrey Beevers (here as Inspector Montgomery 
in the third serial) and fifteen other Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

The Master Blackmailer (TX: January 2 1992)
  • Big Finish actor Nickolas Grace (Bertrand here; Oberstein for Hands of a Murderer, 1990) made a brief TV appearance as Albert Einstein in Death is the Only Answer, and voiced Loozly for Bang-Bang-A-Boom! (2002), Straxus for Human Resources (2007), Sisters of the Flame and The Vengeance of Morbius (both 2008), Balancer and Viktor Skaarsgard for Equilibrium (2015), Goole for The Gallery of Ghouls (2016), Professor Grove for both Shadow Planet and World Apart, and Chevalier D'Eon for Sword of the Chevalier (all 2017)
  • Colin Jeavons (Inspector Lestrade) was Damon in The Underwater Menace, and George Tracey in K9 and Company
  • David Mallinson (Dorking) voiced Brodlik for Creatures of Beauty (BF, 2003)
  • Alan Rothwell (Tronson) voiced Janto for The Twilight Kingdom (BF, 2004)
  • Tom Lucy was also stunt co-ordinator on sixteen episodes (from Smith and Jones to The Next Doctorand twenty instalments of Torchwood
The Last Vampyre (TX: January 27 1993)
  • Roy Marsden (Stockton, pictured right) was Mr. Stoker in Smith and Jones
  • Keith Barron (Ferguson) was Captain Straker in Enlightenment, and voiced Isaac Barclay for Plague of the Daleks (BF, 2009), and has been cast in The Bad Penny (2018)
  • Maurice Denham (Merridew) was Azmael in The Twin Dilemma, and voiced the President for The Paradise of Death
  • Juliet Aubrey (Dolores) voiced Vulpina for Voyage to Venus (BF, 2012)
  • Elizabeth Spriggs (Mrs Mason) was Tabby in Paradise Towers
  • Billy Horrigan was also a stuntman on (episode 1 of) Terror of the Autons and The Masque of Mandragora (1), and had uncredited roles in Spearhead from Space (4), Inferno (1), The Mind of Evil (3/4), The Curse of Peladon (4), and The Green Death (1)
The Eligible Bachelor (TX: February 3 1993)
  • Simon Williams (St. Simon) was Group Captain 'Chunky' Ian Gilmore in Remembrance of the Daleks, a role he reprised for Big Finish's spin-off audio series Counter Measures1963: The Assassination Games (2013), and The Worlds of Doctor Who: The Reesinger Process (2014) - he also voiced Paul Addison and Shara for Nekromanteia (2003), and the Guardian for The Guardians of Prophecy (2012)
  • Anna Calder Marshall (Lady Helena and Agnes) voiced Mathilda Pierce for The Scream of the Shalka
  • Joanna McCallum (Flora) voiced The Bursar for Night Thoughts (BF, 2006)
  • production manager Liam Foster began his career as an AFM on Spearhead from Space

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