Thursday, 13 July 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Coronation Street, Part 2: 1962-1964

Despite a critical start in December 1960 (when
the Daily Mirror first said the programme was 
unrealistic and "doomed"), the popularity of 
Corrie was cemented within weeks. The show 
topped the TV ratings chart for the first time in 
March 1961, and reached a 1960's peak of over 
21 million viewers in December 1964.
Coronation Street soon became noted for its
depiction of a working class community, and 
established the use of Northern English language 
and dialect, widely heard on British television for 
the first time. The show first aired in Australia in 
1963, and began in New Zealand a year later.
These three years on the Street featured Jackie Lane (under her stage name Jackie Lenya, as
Cheryl in episode 322 in January 1964) and 
sixteen other Doctor Who cast connections:

  • Fred Ferris (Appleby) was Bert Rowse in Planet of Giants: Crisis
  • Rhoda Lewis (Miss Welch here; and Lilian, 1969) was Marta in State of Decay
  • Judy Cornwell (Georgina) was Maddy in Paradise Towers
  • Roy Holder (Butterworth) was Krelper in The Caves of Androzani
  • Susan Jameson (Myra) was cast as Morgan for Colony in Space but was replaced by Tony Caunter - she later voiced Mrs. Moynihan for Big Finish's The Spectre of Lanyon Moor (2000), then Mrs. Wibsey for the Hornets Nest (2009), Demon Quest (2010) and Serpent Crest (2011) series from AudioGo
  • Geoffrey Hinsliff (Vincent here; Don Brennan, 1987-97) was Jack Tyler in Image of the Fendahl, and Fisk in Nightmare of Eden
  • Derek Benfield (Salesman here; and Greenhalgh, 1967) voiced John Hallam for Catch 1782 (BF, 2005)
  • Alan Curtis (Thornley) was Major Green in The War Machines
  • Jon Rollason (Robbins, 1964, 1969) was Harold Chorley in The Web of Fear
  • Michael Barrington (Nuttall) was Sir Colin Thackeray in The Seeds of Doom
  • Ray Brooks (Phillips) was David in Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 AD, and voiced the titular Time Lord for The Trouble With Drax (BF, 2016)
  • Jerome Willis (Presenter) was Stevens in The Green Death
  • Stephanie Bidmead (Lily) was Maaga in Galaxy 4
  • Neville Smith (Workman) was D'Argenson in The Reign of Terror: A Land of Fear
  • George A Cooper (Piggott, 1964, 1970) was Cherub in The Smugglers
  • Noel Johnson (Braithwaite) was King Thous in The Underwater Menace, and Charles Grover MP in Invasion of the Dinosaurs

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