Friday, 21 July 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Dracula: Prince of Darkness

Bram Stoker's legendary vampire Count (portrayed
for the second time by Christopher Lee) was
resurrected for the third Dracula feature from the
Hammer stable. The final scenes from Dracula 
(1958), starring Peter Cushing as Dr. Van Helsing,
were reprised as a prologue here. Lee would next
return as the Count for Dracula Has Risen From the 
Grave (1968) then five further features until 1974.
Released in early 1966, the film was shown again
on the Horror channel last night, and featured eight
Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

  • Andrew Keir (Sandor) and Barbara Shelley (Helen) both starred in Quatermass and the Pit just a year later - Keir's next film role was Wyler in Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 AD, and Shelley played Sorasta in Planet of Fire
  • Philip Latham (Klove) was President Borusa (pictured) in The Five Doctors
  • Philip Ray (Priest) was Eldred in The Seeds of Death
  • John Maxim (Driver) was Frankenstein's Monster in (episode 4 of) The Chase, and [as John Wills] a Cyberman in The Moonbase 
  • Fred Wood (Mourner) and stuntman Eddie Powell both appeared in the second Dalek film too
  • stuntman Peter Diamond was a stunt double and fight arranger on the classic run (from The Dalek Invasion of Earth to The Daemons)

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