Friday, 28 July 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Endeavour, Series 3

Shaun Evans returned as the Oxford 
City CID detective, DC Endeavour 
Morse (pictured left), and was again 
joined by series regulars Roger Allam 
(as DI Fred Thursday, right), Anton 
Lesser (Superintendent Bright), Sean 
Rigby (Sergeant Strange), James 
Bradshaw (Dr. Max DeBryn), and 
Abigail Thaw (Dorothea Frazil) for
the Inspector Morse prequel series. 
Dakota Blue Richards joined the show
(as WPC Trewlove), now set in 1967.
whilst Jack Laskey (DS Pete Jakes) 
departed Cowley police station in 
part two. 
The third, four-part season (a co-
production from Mammoth Screen 
and Masterpiece and again all written by Russell Lewis) concluded another 
repeat run on ITV3 last night, and featured fourteen Doctor Who cast and 
crew connections:

Ride (UK TX: January 3 2016)
  • Samuel Barnett (Donn) voiced Hans Tod for Big Finish's The Beast of Orlok (2009), and Robin for Nightshade (2016)
  • Suzi Lavelle was also cinematographer on Cold War, Listen, Time Heist and The Husbands of River Song
  • series costume designer Charlotte Mitchell was assistant on Love & Monsters, then supervisor on BlinkTurn Left and Torchwood
  • Rob Pavey was also a stunt double on Deep Breath, Into the DalekRobot of Sherwood, Listen and The Witch's Familiar
Arcadia (UK TX: January 10)
  • Richard Dillane (Richardson) was Captain Carter in Let's Kill Hitler and The Wedding of River Song
  • Chris Larkin (Maddox) was Lynley in The Shakespeare Code
  • Elizabeth Hopper (Marion) was Lucia Fanshawe in The Woman Who Lived
Prey (UK TX: January 17)
  • Lawrence Gough also directed Friend From The Future, The Pilot and Smile
  • series regular Shvorne Marks (Monica) voiced Ampz for The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield: The Unbound Universe (BF, 2016), and Silo Crook for The Lives of Captain Jack (2017)
  • Milo Twomey (Dr. Lorenz) voiced Jorvik for Theatre of War (BF, 2015)
Coda (UK TX: January 24)
  • Kevin Trainor (Hogg) voiced both Lucem and Swallow for The Witch from the Well (BF, 2011)
  • series stunt co-ordinator Tom Lucy also worked on sixteen episodes in that capacity (from Smith and Jones to The Next Doctor)
  • Mike Hedges was first assistant director on Twice Upon a Time too
  • series costume designer Charlotte Mitchell was assistant on Love & Monsters, then supervisor on Blink, Turn Left and Torchwood

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