Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Jonathan Creek, Series 3

Alan Davies returned as David Renwick's titular sleuth 
for season three of this BAFTA winning drama, which 
was again produced by Verity Lambert
Stuart Milligan again played stage magician Adam 
Klaus, and after three years on the programme, 
Caroline Quentin (as investigative journalist Maddie 
Magellan) left in the final mystery.
A fourth series was only broadcast in 2003.
Another repeat run of the six-part series concluded 
on the Drama channel last night, and featured these 
twenty Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

The Curious Tale of Mr. Spearfish
(UK TX: November 27 1999)
  • Andrew Tiernan (Lenny) was Mr. Purcell in Night Terrors
  • Adjoa Andoh (Anthea) was Sister Jatt in New Earth, then Martha Jones' mum, Francine Jones in seasons 3 and 4, then voiced Nurse Albertine for Big Finish's Year of the Pig (2006)
  • series production designer John Asbridge also designed Delta and the Bannermen, Dragonfire, The Happiness Patrol and Silver Nemesis
  • series VFX designer Dave Chapman had worked on 127 episodes of the classic era (from Planet of the Spiders to The Curse of Fenric)
  • series sound recordist Terry Elms was an assistant on (part 1 of) The Masque of Mandragora
  • Chris Lawson was also the VFX designer on Arc of Infinity, Planet of Fire and Attack of the Cybermen
  • series stunt co-ordinator Steve Whyment was an uncredited extra on The Keeper of Traken and Snakedance
The Eyes of Tiresias (UK TX: December 4)
  • Terrence Hardiman (Masson) was Hawthorne in The Beast Below, and voiced King Sitric Silkbeard for The Book of Kells (BF, 2010), Stackhouse for The English Way of Death (BF, 2015), then Reverand Dobbs for The Broken Crown, and the Gryphon for Aladdin Time (both for AudioGo's Serpent Crest series, 2011)
  • Rebecca Front (Heidi) was Walsh in The Zygon Invasion, and voiced Major Takol for The Mind's Eye (BF, 2007) and Patricia Walton for The Jupiter Conjunction (BF, 2012)
Omega Man (UK TX: December 11)
  • Michael Brandon (Candy) was General Sanchez in The Stolen Earth, and voiced CP Doveday, also for Lurkers at Sunlight's Edge
  • Jane Booker (Phillipa) voiced Dron and Yetana for Ravenous 1 (BF, 2018)
Ghost's Forge (UK TX: December 18)
  • Big Finish artist Lysette Anthony (Mimi) voiced Clara Harris for Assassin in the Limelight (2008), Hazel Bright for Hothouse (2009), and Sophia for The Secret History (2015)
Miracle in Crooked Lane (UK TX: December 28)
  • Dinah Sheridan (Kathleen) was Chancellor Flavia in The Five Doctors
  • Tom Goodman-Hill (Jeff) was Reverand Arnold Golightly (pictured) in The Unicorn and the Wasp
The Three Gamblers (UK TX: January 2 2000)
  • Harry Peacock (Floyd) was Proper Dave in Silence in the Library and Forest of Dead
  • Nina Sosanya (Karen) was Trish Webber in Fear Her
  • Stephanie Carey (Nurse) was a stunt performer on Voyage of the Damned, The Beast BelowThe Curse of the Black SpotLet's Kill Hitler and The Girl Who Waited
  • John Bennett (Geiger) was General Finch in Invasion of the Dinosaurs, and Li H'sen Chang in The Talons of Weng-Chiang
  • Lee Ingleby (Spratley) voiced Samson Griffin for Terror Firma (BF, 2005)
  • Red Dwarf actress Hattie Hayridge (Lizzie) voiced Ebbis for The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield 4: Ruler of the Universe (BF, 2017)

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