Saturday, 1 July 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Marple: Murder Is Easy

This period drama, first shown in September 2009,
was loosely based on Agatha Christie's twenty-fifth 
novel (known in America as Easy to Killpublished 
in 1939
Adapted by Stephen Churchett (who again starred 
here as the Coroner) for season four, the mystery 
now included Miss Marple (again portrayed by Julia 
McKenzie). An American TV version was produced
in 1982 - the original protagonist, Luke Fitzwilliam, 
was played by Bill Bixby.
Repeated again on ITV3 last night, the serial featured thirteen Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

  • Jemma Redgrave (Jessie) played Kate Lethbridge Stewart (pictured) in The Power of ThreeThe Day of the Doctor, Death in HeavenThe Magician's ApprenticeThe Zygon InvasionThe Zygon Inversionand for Big Finish's UNIT series (2015-present)
  • Hettie Macdonald also directed Blink, The Magician's Apprentice and The Witch's Familiar
  • Steve Pemberton (Wake) was Strackman Lux in Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead
  • Shirley Henderson (Henoria) was Ursula Blake in Love & Monsters 
  • Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch (Fitzwilliam) voiced Howard Carter for Forty-Five: False Gods (BF, 2008)
  • Russell Tovey (PC Reed) was Midshipman Alonso Frame in Voyage of the Damned, and briefly in The End of Time
  • Tim Brooke-Taylor (Dr. Humbleby) voiced Mims for The Zygon Who Fell to Earth (BF, 2008)
  • David Haig (Horton) was Pangol in The Leisure Hive
  • Sylvia Sims (Lavinia) was Mrs. Pritchard in Ghost Light
  • for Damien Timmer, Sean Clayton, Nigel Squibbs and Gavin Walker see my other Marple blogs

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