Sunday, 6 August 2017

Doctor Who Vs. James Bond, Part 8

ITV's latest Bond film season continued today with Timothy Dalton's debut as the famous
British spy. The fifteenth instalment in Eon's 
franchise followed Roger Moore's swansong, 
A View to a Kill
Although another original screenplay, the title
was taken from Fleming's 1960 Bond anthology, 
For Your Eyes Only.
The feature's main location filming was under-
taken  in France, San Francisco, Switzerland, Iceland and, with interiors again filmed at Pinewood studios - Duran Duran provided the opening theme song. Released in 1985, the 
feature also marked the last appearance of
Lois Maxwell (1927-2007) - she had played 
Miss Moneypenny since Dr. No in 1962.
Following the lacklustre financial and critical performance of Moore's finale, Pierce Brosnan, 
the Irish-born star of Remington Steele, was offered the lead role in 1986. However, due to contractual obligations to his employers at NBC, Brosnan was forced to remain 
on the failing TV show and the Welsh actor Dalton was cast instead (Brosnan 
would eventually adopt 007's mantle in 1994).
The Living Daylights became the fourth most successful entry in the series, 
but Licence to Kill (1989) did not perform as well in the all important American market. Due to a four-year legal battle between MGM and Eon, Dalton's intended third film was ultimately cancelled, and he relinquished the role. These three 
films featured a total of thirty-nine Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

    • David Yip (Chuck Lee) and Ron Tarr (Guard) both appeared in Destiny of the Daleks, as Veldan and Prisoner respectively
    • Tony Sibbald (Foreman) was Huckle in Terror of the Zygons
    • stuntman Bronco McLoughlin (here and Tomorrow Never Dies) was an uncredited Soldier in (part 3 of) The Masque of Mandragora
    • Bunty Phillips was a make-up artist on Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 AD too
    • Trevor Steedman (stuntman here, Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies) began his career as Seabase Guard in Warriors of the Deep
    • for Anthony Waye, Peter Bennett, Tracey Eddon, Martin Grace, Bill Weston, Stuart Fell, Simon Crane, Peter Diamond, Terrry Forrestal, Tex Fuller, Fred Haggerty, Paul Heasman, Nick Hobbs, Rick Lester, Mark McBride, Valentino Musetti, Dinny Powell, Eddie Powell, Roy Street and Chris Webb see my other Bond blogs
    • Maryam d'Abo (Kara) voiced Genevieve for Big Finish's Frozen Time (2007)
    • Art Malik (Kamran Shah) voiced Abbot Absolute for The Skull of Sobek (BF, 2008)
    • Virginia Hey (Rubavitch) voiced Bengel for White Ghosts (BF, 2014)
    • Alan Talbot (Minder) was an Extra on Black Orchid (1), Snakedance (4), and The Mark of the Rani
    • Carl Rigg (Imposter) was Varlin in The Power of Kroll
    • Antony Carrick (Secretary) was Captain Rossini in The Masque of Mandragora
    • Leslie French (Attendant) was the Mathematician in Silver Nemesis
    • Graham Cole (Agent) made ten uncredited appearances in the classic run - he was a Krarg in Shada, Player in The Leisure Hive (1), a Marshman in Full Circle, the Melkur in The Keeper of Traken (and part 2 of Time Flight), a Kinda, a Cyberman in Earthshock and The Five Doctors, Crewman in Resurrection of the Daleks (1), and Jacondan in The Twin Dilemma (1)
    • Michael Percival (Chef) was the Inspector in The Vampires of Venice
    • Kerry Shale (Voice) was Dr. Renfrew in Day of the Moon
    • Michael Moor (Kamran's Man) was an Extra on The Silurians (6)
    • stuntman Steve Whyment was an Extra in The Keeper of Traken and Snakedance
    • Dalton played President Rassilon in The End of Time
    • Christopher Neame (Fallon) was Skagra in Shada
    • for Marc Boyle and Nick Wilkinson see my other blogs

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