Monday, 18 December 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Luther, Series 1

This British psychological drama series
was created and scripted by Booker Prize
nominee and Emmy award winner Neil Cross,
and starred London-born actor Idris Elba as 
the titular maverick detective, DCI John Luther.
Elba received Golden Globe and Emmy Awards nominations for his role here, and was joined by Indira Varma (as Zoe Luther), Saskia Reeves (DSU Teller), Dermot Crowley (DCI Schenk), and Ruth Wilson (Alice Morgan).
The initial run first aired on BBC One in the summer of 2010, followed by two four-part seasons in 2011 and 2013. A prequel novel,
The Calling, also written by Cross, was 
published in 2011, and a film version of 
Luther is planned. A fourth and final two-
part serial shown in December 2015.
Cross later penned The Rings of Akhaten 
and Hide for Matt Smith's final season. 
The first six-part series began another 
repeat run on W (formerly the Watch 
channel) last night, and featured Paul McGann (as Mark North) and 
twenty other Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

  • Big Finish actor Warren Brown (DS Justin Ripley) voiced Stephen Gibson for Industrial Evolution (2011), both Rufus Stone and To'Koth for Signs and Wonders (2014), and Lieutenant Sam Bishop for UNIT: Extinction (2015), UNIT: ShutdownUNIT: Silenced (both 2016), UNIT: Assembled (2017), and UNIT: Cyber Reality (2018)
  • Varma reprised the role of Suzie Costello for The Torchwood Archive (BF, 2016)
  • Steven Mackintosh (DCI Reed) played Gazak in Timelash
  • Michael Smiley (Benny Silver) was Colonel Morgan Blue in Into the Dalek, and voiced Seedleson for Creatures of Beauty (BF, 2003)
  • Diveen Henry (PC Hanson) voiced Alozza for The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield 2: The Triumph of Sutekh (BF, 2015), and Sarah for The Behemoth (2017)
  • Sean Pertwee (Lynch) made a cameo appearance in The Five(ish) Doctors
  • stunt co-ordinator Derek Lea was a stuntman on DalekBad WolfThe Parting of the WaysThe Age of Steel and Partners in Crime
  • Stephanie Carey was also a stunt performer on Voyage of the Damned, The Beast BelowThe Curse of the Black SpotLet's Kill Hitler and The Girl Who Waited
  • Paul Rhys (Burgess) voiced Max Paul for The Scapegoat (BF, 2009)
  • Andrew Tiernan (Henley) was Mr. Purcell in Night Terrors
  • Big Finish artist Nicola Walker (Linda) voiced MedTech Liv Chenka for Robobophobia (2011), Dark Eyes 2Dark Eyes 3 (both 2014), Dark Eyes 4Doom Coalition 1 (both 2015), Doom Coalition 2 (2016), Doom Coalition 3 (both 2016) and Doom Coalition 4and was the Narrator of The World Beyond the Trees (both 2017)
  • Rob Jarvis (Shand) was Abramal in The Time of the Doctor
  • Graham Turner (Holguin) was Amos in The Crimson Horror
  • Jozef Aoki (Spectator) voiced Toda Elji and Yoshita Hiroshi for The Barbarians and the Samurai (2018)
  • director Stefan Schwartz played the Knight Commander in Battlefield
  • Neal Champion was the SFX supervisor on An Adventure in Space and Time too
  • series stand-by art director Adrian Greenwood was the production buyer on twelve installments, from Asylum of the Daleks to The Name of the Doctor
  • Nick Foley was ADR mixer on The Snowmen too
  • series production buyer Pauline Seager was the assistant floor manager (AFM) on The Five Doctors
  • Elliott Gilhooly was sound assistant on part two of The End of Time too

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