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Doctor Who Vs. Bergerac, Series 2

Series regular Badland as Margaret
Blaine in Boom Town
Series creator and producer Robert 
Banks Stewart also provided scripts 
here with Robert Holmes and Bob Baker, whilst Dennis Spooner was
assigned as script editor for this 
season (which aired from January 
to March 1983).
Another repeat run of the second, 
nine-part series concluded on the 
Drama channel last night, and again featured John Nettles (as 
Jim Bergerac), Sean Arnold 
(Crozier), Annette Badland 
(Charlotte), Terence Alexander
 (Charlie Hungerford) and forty-
five other Doctor Who cast and 
crew connections:

  • Phil Davis (Eric) was Lucius Petrus Dextrus in The Fires of Pompeii, and voiced Titus for Big Finish's The Cannibalists (2009)
  • Celia Imrie (Marianne) was Miss Kizlet in The Bells of Saint John, and voiced Dr. Elizabeth Bradley for Counter Measures 2 (2013), Madame Tissot for Gallery of Ghouls, and Livia for Gallifrey: Enemy Lines (both 2016)
  • Norman Jones (Le Fresnais) was Khrisong in The Abominable Snowmen, Major Baker in The Silurians, and Hieronymous in The Masque of Mandragora
  • Edward Phillips (Merlin) was a Scientist in The Moonbase
  • Gareth Thomas (Towers) voiced Lord Tamworth for Storm Warning (2001), and Kalendorf for Return of the Daleks (2006) 
  • Victor Lucas (Protheroe) was Andor in The Face of Evil
  • Ling Tai (Su Li) was an uncredited Tourist in (part 1 of) The Leisure Hive, Seabase Crewmember in Warriors of the Deep, then Shou Yuing in Battlefield
  • Hayden Jones (Editor) provided an Auton Voice for Terror of the Autons, and was Lenny Vosper in The Mind of Evil
  • Ray Dunbobbin (Photographer) was Irongron's Soldier in The Time Warrior
  • Catherine Schell (Veronique) was the Countess Scarlioni in City of Death
  • Big Finish actor Nickolas Grace (Chazottes) appeared as Albert Einstein in Death is the Only Answer, and voiced Loozly for Bang-Bang-A-Boom! (2002), Straxus for Human Resources (2007), Sisters of the Flame and The Vengeance of Morbius (both 2008), Balancer and Viktor Skaarsgard for Equilibrium (2015), Goole for Gallery of Ghouls (2016), Professor Grove for Shadow Planet and World Apart, and Chevalier D'Eon for Sword of the Chevalier (all 2017)
  • Jeff Rawles (Mitch) was Plantagenet in Frontios, Lionel Harding in The Sarah Jane Adventures: Mona Lisa's Revenge, and depicted Mervyn Pinfield in An Adventure in Space and Time
  • Sheila Ruskin (Felicity here; Simone in Series 4) was Kassia in The Keeper of Traken
  • Michael Attwell (Frank) was Isbur in The Ice Warriors, and Bates in Attack of the Cybermen
  • Penelope Lee (Radiologist) was the Computer voice in Revelation of the Daleks
  • David Quilter (Fairfax) was Greeves in The Unicorn and the Wasp
  • Roy Spencer (Alcoholic) was Manyak in The Ark, and Harris in Fury from the Deep
  • Donald Sumpter (Roscoe) was Enrico Casali in The Wheel in Space, Commander Ridgeway in The Sea Devils, Erasmus Darkening in The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Eternity Trap, and President Rassilon in Hell Bent
  • Brian Grellis (Officer) was Sheprah in Revenge of the Cybermen, Safran in The Invisible Enemy, and the Megaphone Man in Snakedance (4)
  • Art Malik (Ravi) voiced Abbot Absolute for The Skull of Sobek (BF, 2008)
  • Zienia Merton (Cora) was Ping Cho in Marco Polo, and the Registrar in The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith
  • Ben Aris (Executive) was Lieutenant Shears in Invasion of the Dinosaurs (1)
  • David Purcell (Special Branch Man) was Abbott in The Hand of Fear (1)
  • Timothy Block (Detective here; Fisherman in Series 3) was Tanner in Black Orchid
  • Barbara Shelley (Catherine) was Sorasta in Planet of Fire
  • Richard Beale (Manager) provided the Refusian voice for The Ark, and Broadcaster for The Macra Terror, then appeared as Bat Masterson in The Gunfighters, and Minister in The Green Death
  • Tracey Childs (Emma) was Metella in The Fires of Pompeii, and voiced Dr. Elizabeth Klein for Colditz (2001), A Thousand Tiny Wings, Survival of the Fittest, Klein's Story, The Architects of History (all 2010), UNIT: Dominion (2012), Persuasion, Starlight Robbery, Daleks Among Us (all 2013) and Warlock's Cross (2018) - she also voiced the Figurehead for Time Works (2006)
  • Maya Woolfe (Nikki) was the Receptionist in Arc of Infinity
  • Alibe Parsosn (Girl) was Matroni Kani in Mindwarp
  • Nicholas Chagrin (Chef here; Montauban in Series 4) was Quillam in Vengeance on Varos
  • Peter Craze (Andrew) was Dako in The Space Museum, Du Pont in The War Games (7), and Costa in Nightmare of Eden
  • Sylvester Morand (Pilot here; Lubeck, Series 6) voiced General Alexander Bruce for The Roof of the World (2004)
  • Tariq Anwar was also film editor on The Sun Makers, Shada and The Five Doctors
  • Mike Southon was cinematographer on Hide too
  • John Hurst was also production designer on Planet of the Daleks and The Caves of Androzani
  • location manager Roselyn Parker was assistant floor manager on The Abominable Snowmen, The Web of Fear, The Claws of Axos and The Monster of Peladon, the production manager (PM) on The Visitation
  • Margot Eavis was production manager on Vengeance on Varos too
  • Pauline Cox was also make-up artist on The Image of the Fendahl and Warriors' Gate
  • assistant director Kevan Van Thompson was PM on Mindwarp
  • film recordist Richard Manton worked on film sound for The Daemons and The Mutants
  • Stephen Jeffery Poulter was also AFM  on The Twin Dilemma and The Mysterious Planet
  • cinematographer Peter Chapman was a film cameraman on The Robots of Death, The Visitation and Black Orchid
  • cinematographer John Walker was a film cameraman on Horror of Fang Rock, The Androids of Tara, City of Death, EnlightenmentPlanet of FireThe Caves of AndrozaniThe Twin DilemmaThe Two Doctors and Revelation of the Daleks
  • Chris Wimble was also film editor on The Ambassadors of Death, The Daemons, The Invasion of Time and The Leisure Hive (1)
  • PM Norman Stewart was production assistant on The Daleks, Planet of Giants, The Web Planet, The Savages, The Underwater Menace, Day of the Daleks (4) and The Invisible Enemy, then directed Underworld and The Power of Kroll

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