Monday, 12 February 2018

Doctor Who Vs. A Study in Terror

Shown again on the Horror channel
last night, this cult British thriller chronicled the first encounter
between two iconic Victorian 
figures - legendary detective 
Sherlock Holmes and infamous
murderer, Jack the Ripper.
Actors John Neville (1925-2011)
and Donald Houston (1923-1991) portrayed Holmes and Watson in
an original narrative, were Holmes
exposed the identity of the Ripper.
The film was novelised in 1966 by
Ellery Queen and Paul W Fairman,
and the Holmes/Ripper concept
was later dramatised in Murder
By Decree (1978) and Holmes and the Ripper (2010), and adapted for the novels The Last Sherlock Holmes Story (1978), The Whitechapel Horrors (1992), and Dust and 
Shadows (2009).
Here, the Whitechapel Murders began with (the non-canonical slaying of)
Emma Smith in April 1888, and the Ripper is soon revealed as Lord Carfax.
A Study in Terror co-starred Robert Morley (as Mycroft Holmes), whilst
Frank Finlay (Inspector Lestrade) and Anthony Quayle (Dr. Murray) both
later appeared in Murder By Decree. Released by Colombia Pictures in
1965, the film also featured a young Judi Dench, and eleven Doctor Who 
cast and crew connections:

  • John Fraser (Carfax here; Uncle Gideon in Young Sherlock, 1982) played the Monitor in Logopolis
  • Carry On actress Barbara Windsor (Annie Chapman) made a cameo appearance in Army of Ghosts as Peggy Mitchell, her EastEnders character
  • Adrienne Corri (Angela) was Mena in The Leisure Hive
  • Dudley Foster (Home Secretary [Henry Matthews]) was Maurice Caven in The Space Pirates
  • Barbara Leake (Mrs. Hudson) was Mrs. Farrell in Terror of the Autons
  • Patrick Newell (PC Benson here; Lestrade for Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, 1979); Blessington for The Resident Patient; Bobster for Young Sherlock Holmes, both 1985) was Colonel Faraday in The Android Invasion
  • Eric Kent (Butcher) was a Technician in The Seeds of Death, and a Roundhead in (episode 3 of) The Time Monster
  • Bill Brandon (Ruffian) was an uncredited Mongol Warrior in Marco Polo
  • stuntman Peter Diamond was a regular stunt double and fight arranger on the classic series (from The Daleks to The Daemons)
  • Fred Wood (Beggar) was an Extra in Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 AD
  • John Cox was the sound supervisor on both Dalek films too

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