Saturday, 3 March 2018

Doctor Who Vs. Bergerac, Series 3

Series creator and producer Robert Banks Stewart also provided scripts 
here with Robert Holmeswhilst Chris Boucher was assigned as script 
editor for this season (which aired from December 1983 to February 1984).
Another repeat run of the third, ten-part series concluded on the Drama 
channel today, and again featured John Nettles (as Jim Bergerac), Sean 
Arnold (Crozier), Annette Badland (Charlotte), Terence Alexander (Charlie 
Hungerford), Mary TammRichard Hurndalland forty-eight other Doctor
 Who cast and crew connections:

  • Dallas Adams (Advocate) was Professor Howard Foster in Planet of Fire
  • Neville Barber (Clerk) and Ian Collier (Tony) both starred in The Time Monster as Dr. Cook and Stuart Hyde - Collier also played Omega in Arc of Infinity and for Big Finish's Omega (2003)
  • Douglas Stark (Manager) was the Sorenson Monster in (part 4 of) Planet of Evil, Coven Member in Image of the Fendahl, and Cricketer in Black Orchid (1)
  • Peter Childs (Brewster) was Jack Ward in The Mark of the Rani
  • Godfrey James (Tug) and Alan Lake (Broughton) both appeared in Underworld, as Tarn and Herrick
  • Donald Morley (Beresford) was Jules Renan in The Reign of Terror
  • Jean Boht (Mrs. Farrell) voiced Hilda Schofield for Afterlife (BF, 2013)
  • Brian Hawksley (Gibson) was Brewster in Black Orchid
  • Graham Cull (Assistant) was Bax in Vengeance on Varos
  • Brychan Powell (Policeman) was a Guard and Russian Aide in Day of the Daleks, Solonian in The Mutants (1), Prime Minister in The Green Death (3), Mentiad in The Pirate Planet, Noble in The Androids of Tara (1), Logopolitan in Logopolis (1), Walk-on in Black Orchid (1), and Citizen in Planet of Fire (1)
  • Liza Goddard (Philippa) was Kari in Terminus
  • Frederick Hall (Ernie) was Andrew Verney in The Awakening
  • Tony Osoba (McCord) was Lan in Destiny of the Daleks, Kracauer in Dragonfire, and was Duke in Kill the Moon
  • Oliver Cotton (Laronde) voiced Sir Gideon Hale for 1963: The Assassination Games (BF, 2013), and Major Callahan for Quicksilver (2017)
  • Clifford Rose (Senator) was Rorvik in Warriors' Gate
  • John Abineri (Leguy) was Van Lutyens in Fury From the Deep, General Carrington in The Ambassadors of Death, Richard Railton in Death to the Daleks, and Ranquin in The Power of Kroll
  • Tessa Peake-Jones (Reporter) was Marta in The Time of the Doctor
  • Brian McDermott (Preston) was Sheard in Time Flight
  • Richard Steele (Foreman) was Commandant Gorton in The War Games (2), Sergeant Hart in The Silurians, and a Guard in The Mark of the Rani
  • Nadim Sawalha (Mansoor) voiced Sapnil Khan for The Magic Mousetrap (BF, 2009), and the Old Man for 1001 Nights (2012)
  • Frank Mills (Osman) was the Telescope Director in Terror of the Autons
  • Derek Smith (Silvers) was the Doorman in Human Nature
  • Peter Birrel (Galliers) was the Draconian Prince in Frontier in Space
  • Primi Townsend (Linda), Rosalind Lloyd (Sally) and Ralph Michael (Wimble) all appeared in The Pirate Planet, as Mula, the Nurse and Balaton
  • Denis Lill (Marshall) was Dr. Fendelman in Image of Fendahl, and Sir George Hutchinson in The Awakening
  • Tony Selby (Paul) was Sabalom Glitz in The Mysterious Planet, The Ultimate Foe and Dragonfire
  • Stephen Yardley (Lewis) was Sevrin in Genesis of the Daleks, and Arak in Vengeance on Varos
  • Edwin Richfield (West) was Captain Hart in The Sea Devils, and Mestor in The Twin Dilemma
  • Robert Cartland (Rimbaud) provided the voice of the Rills for Galaxy 4, and was Malpha in Mission to the Unknown
  • Wolfe Morris (Leister) was Padmasambhava in The Abominable Snowmen
  • Eric Mason (Vickers) was Smedley in The Sea Devils, and Green in The Mind of Evil
  • Arthur Kelly (Salesman here; Parry in Series 9) was Smithy in The Witchfinders
  • writer Rod Beacham played Corporal Lane in The Web of Fear
  • Paul Allen was also production designer on The Seeds of Death, Spearhead from Space and Horror of Fang Rock
  • production manager Susan Box was production assistant on Full Circle
  • Marjorie Pratt was also production designer on Arc of Infinity and Attack of the Cybermen
  • Jennie Osborn was PM on Enlightenment too
  • Elizabeth Rowell was also make-up designer on The King's Demons and Planet of Fire
  • cinematographer John Baker was a film cameraman on The Evil of the Daleks, Terror of the Autons, The Three Doctors, The Masque of Mandragora, Castrovalva, Snakedance, The Five Doctors and The Twin Dilemma
  • cinematographer Kevin Rowley was a film cameraman on Destiny of the Daleks and The Mark of the Rani
  • Graham Hare was also film recordist on Inferno, The Invasion of Time and Terminus
  • cinematographers David Feig and Paul Wheeler were both film cameramen on The Creature from the Pit (1) and The Awakening respectively
  • Ray Wingrove was also film editor on The Mark of the Rani and Revelation of the Daleks

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