Sunday, 11 March 2018

The Ripper and the Whoniverse, Part 7 [Revised]

The final entry in this series
examines the third volume of
Ripper's Curse, and provides
an epilogue.

PART THREE The Doctor and 
Rory travel to modern-day 
Whitechapel to question a
 Ripper walk tour guide. They 
want to know "how many
Ripper murders are canon?" 
and are stunned by his
answer - twelve!
The Ripperologist begins to
list the victims: Nichols [1], Chapman [2], Stride [3], Eddowes [4], Kelly [5], then Mary Warner and
Amelia Marple, ie. Amy! He informs them that the bodies of Marple and
Warner were found in a yard off Hanbury Street [2] the night after Kelly's death and "Unlike the others, these two were murdered elsewhere."
Meanwhile in 1888, Amy is being held captive in a cellar with Mary. The
TARDIS returns to Spitalfields, and now the Doctor tells Abberline of the night's impending double event. Although officially off the case, Warren arrives and the Doctor persuades him to reveal his true self to the inspector. 'Clouseau' is then put in charge of the manhunt, and the Doctor finds a tracking device (similar to the one used to locate the invisible Krafayis in Vincent and the Doctor).
As night approaches, Amy assaults her captor's "tympanic membranes" by making as "much unbearable" noise as she can, with a metal bar. Amy helps the paralysed Mary from the cellar. The new chief of police gets to the Ripper's house just as the two women escape. The 'Warren' reptile and Mac'atyde now battle for survival. The Ju'wes cannot reason with his enemy, and so forces the Re'nar back into his lair. Both are then consumed as the alien time portal explodes - the 'Ripper' is dead!
Abberline will continue the investigation for now, but with no further killings,
the newspapers cannot scare the populace and "the Ripper will be forgotten."
As the travellers depart, the Doctor says that the crimes will "never be
forgotten because [they] can never be explained."

As a neat coda to both this Doctor Who blog and to the programme's links to
Saucy Jack, we finally get a definitive on-screen reference in A Good Man Goes 
to War (2011). Here in 'London, 1888 AD' the scene is set for a resurrected
Silurian warrior to actually find and execute this legendary killer. On her return
home, Madame Vastra asks her maid, Jenny to inform Inspector Abberline of
Scotland Yard that Jack the Ripper is dead!
Finally, both the Ripper and Abberline appeared in The Wax Princess, part of the Jago & Litefoot audio series (2014).

KEY Canonical Murders:
[1] Mary Ann Nichols - Buck's Row, Friday August 31st 1888
[2] Annie Chapman - Hanbury St. Saturday September 8th
[3] Elizabeth Stride - Berner St. Sunday September 30th
[4] Catherine Eddowes - Mitre Square, also September 30th
[5] Mary Jane Kelly - Miller's Court, Friday November 9th

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