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Doctor Who Vs. The New Avengers, Series 2

As with my two previous blogs for
The Avengers sequel show, season two's original transmission dates are approximate because the programme
was never truly networked, and some
TV regions didn't even adhere to the
same transmission order. 
Patrick Macnee reprised the role of John 
Steed, and was again joined by Gareth 
Hunt (as Mike Gambit) and Joanna 
Lumley (Purdey).
Another run of thirteen episodes were
originally broadcast in the autumn of
1977, four of which were penned by
Dennis Spooner.
The final four instalments were filmed in Canada, and were marketed as The New Avengers in Canada.
This second series has been repeated on
BBC4 and ITV4, and featured another twenty-six Doctor Who cast alumni:

Dead Men Are Dangerous (UK TX: September 9)
  • Michael Turner (Culver here, Crayford in The Avengers: Have Guns Will Haggle) played Jarvis Bennett in The Wheel in Space
  • Roger Avon (Headmaster) was Saphadin in The Crusade, Daxtar in (episode 4 of) The Daleks' Master Plan, and Wells in Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 AD
  • Gabrielle Drake (Penny here, Angora in The Hidden Tiger) auditioned for the role of Victoria Waterfield in April 1967
Angels of Death (UK TX: September 16)
  • Dinsdale Landen (Coldstream here, Watney in All Done With Mirrors) was Dr. Judson in The Curse of Fenric
  • Terence Alexander (Manderson here, Warren in The Town of No Return, Ponsonby in The Correct Way to Kill, Bromfield in Love All) was Lord Ravensworth in The Mark of the Rani
  • Lindsay Duncan (Jane) was Adelaide Brooke (pictured) in The Waters of Mars
  • Christopher Driscoll (Martin) was the Security Guard in The Idiot's Lantern
  • Caroline Munro (Tammy) voiced Sentia for Big Finish's Omega (2003)
Medium Rare (UK TX: September 23)
  • for Neil Hallett (Roberts) and Jeremy Wilkin (Richards) see the Series 1: Faces and House of Cards respectively
  • Maurice O'Connell (McBain) was Cockerill in Frontios
  • Steve Ubells (Man) was a Boy Servant in The Aztecs
The Lion and the Unicorn (UK TX: September 30)

Obsession (UK TX: October 7)
  • Roy Purcell (Controller here, Gutman in Conspiracy of Silence) was CPO Powers in The Mind of Evil, and the President in The Three Doctors
Trap (UK TX: October 14)
  • Kristopher Kum (Tansing here, Osaka in Homicide and Old Lace) was Fu Peng, also Serial FFF
  • Vincent Wong (Courier) and Dennis Chin (Pilot) both appeared in The Talons of Weng-Chiang as Ho and Coolie, Wong was also Delegate in Day of the Daleks (4), and Captain in Enlightenment
  • Edward Kelsey (Soo Choy voice here, Gerry in Dead on Course) was the Slave Buyer in The Romans (2), Resno in The Power of the Daleks, and Edu in The Creature from the Pit
Hostage (UK TX: October 21)
  • Barry Stanton (Packer) was Noma in The Twin Dilemma
  • William Franklyn (McKay here, Omrod in Silent Dust, Brinstead in Killer) voiced Pharaoh Amenhotep for The Roof of the World (2004)
  • Richard Ireson (Vernon) was a Soldier in The Mind Robber and Axus in The Krotons
K is For Kill, Part 1: The Tiger Awakes (UK TX: October 28)
K is For Kill, Part 2: Tiger by the Tail (UK TX: November 11)
  • Kenneth Watson (Major) was Craddock in the second Dalek film and Bill Duggan in The Wheel in Space
  • Tony Then (Monk) was Lee, also Serial 4S
  • Diana Rigg (appeared as Emma Peel from archive footage) played Winifred Gillyflower in The Crimson Horror
Complex (UK TX: November 11)

Forward Base (UK TX: November 18)
  • David Calderisi (Halfhide) was Charlie in The Mind of Evil (4)
  • Maurice Good (Milroy here, Stacey in Hunt the Man Down, Goodman in Don't Look Behind You, Mercer in Split!) was Phineas Clanton in The Gunfighters
The Gladiators (UK TX: November 25)

Emily (UK TX: December 1)
  • series stunt co-ordinator Valentino Musetti was a Mongol Bandit in Marco Polo (5), Saracen Warrior in The Crusade (1), Egyptian in The Daleks' Master Plan, Prisoner in The Mind of Evil, and Extra in Colony in Space and The Time Monster

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