Friday, 27 July 2018

Doctor Who Vs. Breaking Point

William Russell (born Russell William Enoch in 1924) 
followed his portrayal of Ian Chesterton with the lead 
role in this long-lost thriller for BBC2, as secret service 
agent Martin Kennedy. 
Russell was an established television actor by the time 
he was cast as Coal Hill School's science teacher, and 
had already played the title roles in five period dramas 
of the 1950's - St. IvesThe Adventures of Sir Lancelot, 
Nicholas Nickleby, David Copperfield and Hamlet
Russell's most recent TV role was as Harry (pictured)
 in An Adventure in Space and Time.
The five-part espionage drama was screened in October 
and November 1966, and Russell starred here opposite
eleven other Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

  • producer Alan Bromly (1915-1995) went on to direct The Time Warrior and Nightmare of Eden
  • director Douglas Camfield (1931-1984) was a production assistant on 100,000 BC and Marco Polo before directing fifty-two further episodes (from Planet of Giants to The Seeds of Doom)
  • Michael Middleton was production designer on The Abominable Snowmen too 
  • Richard Hurndall (Sir Alfred) depicted the First Doctor in The Five Doctors
  • Bernard Kay (Stevens) was Carl Tyler in The Dalek Invasion of Earth, Saladin in The Crusade (both opposite Russell), Inspector Crossland in The Faceless Ones, and Caldwell in Colony in Space, then later voiced Major Dickens for Big Finish's Night Thoughts (2006)
  • Big Finish actor Vernon Dobtcheff (Hedworth) was an Alien Scientist in The War Games, and voiced Dadda Desaka for The Cradle of the Snake (2010), Sibelius Crow for Jago & Litefoot 2, Shamur for The Children of Seth (both 2011), Professor Schumann for Counter Measures 1 (2012), and Jorenzo Zorn for The Genesis Chamber (2016)
  • Ves Delahunt (Servant) was a Thal in The Daleks (7), and UNIT Soldier in The Silurians
  • Norman Hartley (Richard) and Michael Miller (Hines) both appeared in The Time Meddler, as Ulf and Wulnoth respectively, whilst Hartley was also Sergeant Peters in The Invasion
  • Royston Tickner (Gregson) was Steinberger P Green in The Daleks' Master Plan (7), and Robbins in The Sea Devils (1)
  • Lynda Baron (uncredited Extra) recorded The Ballad  of the Last Chance Saloon (sung off screen) for The Gunfighterswas Captain Wrack in Enlightenment, and Val in Closing Time

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