Monday, 19 August 2013

Great Doctor Who Quotes #1

“…but think about it. There’s a murder, and Agatha Christie… isn’t that a bit weird? Agatha Christie didn’t walk around surrounded by murders… that’s like meeting Charles Dickens and he’s surrounded by ghosts, at Christmas… come on! It’s not like we could drive across country and find Enid Blyton having tea with Noddy. Could we? Noddy’s not real, is he? Tell me there’s no Noddy… you’ll be telling me it’s like Murder on the Orient Express, and they all did it!”

- the plucky Miss Donna Noble, The Unicorn and the Wasp
(May 17th 2008)
Written by Gareth Roberts

Sunday, 4 August 2013


After two months of intense speculation, the Twelfth Doctor was unveiled tonight at Elstree Studios, live on BBC One.
Scottish-actor Peter Capaldi was revealed as Matt Smith's successor on Doctor Who Live: The New Doctor, which was simulcast in the UK, North America and Australia.

Capaldi was presented before a studio audience of Whovians, and special guests Peter Davison, Bernard Cribbins, and celebrity fans Liza Tarbuck, and Rufus Hound. Filmed contributions also came from Matt Smith, Steven MoffatColin BakerAnneke Wills, Katy Manning, Janet Fielding, Bonnie Langford, Jenna Coleman, and even Professors Stephen Hawking, Robert Winston and Brian Cox.
Moffat previewed the announcement by commenting "The decision is made and the time has come to reveal who's taking over the TARDIS. For the last of the Time Lords, the clock is striking twelve" then stated tonight that "It's an incendiary combination, one of the most talented actors of his generation is about to play the best part on television."
Capaldi is best known as the foul-mouthed spin-doctor, Malcolm Tucker in BBC comedy series, The Thick of It. The Glasgow-born BAFTA-winning actor, aged 55, also appeared in Doctor Who: The Fires of Pompeii, and Torchwood: Children of Earth. On his new role, he said "Being asked to play the Doctor is an amazing privilege. Like the Doctor himself I find myself in a state of utter terror and delight. I can't wait to get started."