Saturday, 22 March 2014

Doctor Who Vs. Sea of Souls, Series 2

The second run of this BAFTA winning supernatural drama won the Best TV Teleplay gong for Ed Whitmore, the writer of Amulet, at the Edgar Allan Poe awards.
Bill Paterson reprised the role of Dr. Monaghan, and was now joined at Clyde University's parapsychology department by Justine McManus and Craig Stevenson, played by Dawn Steele and Iain Robertson.
The six-part season returned to BBC One in the winter of 2005, and featured another nineteen Doctor Who cast and crew

Amulet (TX: January 8 and 9)
  • BAFTA Scotland nominee Michelle Duncan (Claire) was Lady Isobel MacLeish in Tooth and Claw
  • Big Finish actor James Fleet (Morrison) voiced O'Reilley for Max Warp (2008), Geoff Cooper for The Entropy Composition, and Martin Ashcroft and Sir Jack Merrivale for Special Features (both featured on The Demons of Red Lodge, 2010)
  • Nigel Terry (Holloway) was General Cobb (pictured) in The Doctor's Daughter
  • Amanda Symonds (Lilian) voiced (as Mandi Symonds) Erica MacMillan for Night of the Stormcrow, Lily Finnegan for Afterlife (both 2013), and Mrs Targate for Big Finish's forthcoming Philip Hinchcliffe Presents box set
  • Kim McGarrity was also a stunt performer on The Empty Child, The Doctor Dances, Boom Town, The Christmas Invasion, New Earth and The Day of the Doctor
  • new series producer Stephen Garwood had been an Assistant Floor Manager (AFM) on Ghost Light
  • series composer Edmund Butt and music engineer Toby Wood both worked on An Adventure in Space and Time
  • series make-up artist Pam Mullins worked in that capacity on fifty-six installments of the revived series, from The Runaway Bride to The Wedding of River Song
  • series make-up designer Barbara Southcott held that post on Time Crash, Music of the Spheres, and seventy-three adventures, from the 2006 Christmas special to The Name of the Doctor
  • electrician Scott Napier was the gaffer on 50th anniversary special
Omen (TX: January 15 and 16)
  • Barbara Flynn (Summers) voiced Sister Chalice for The Skull of Sobek (BF, 2008)
  • David Gyasi (Hegarty) was Harvey in Asylum of the Daleks
  • Mark Springer (Paramedic) was Christian in The Time of Angels
  • Graham Frake was also cinematographer on The Beast Below and Victory of the Daleks
  • Jonathan Farmer was the first assistant director on Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS too
Empty Promise (TX: January 22 and 23)
  • Peter Guinness (Dr. Duncan) voiced Mr. Dread for Dreamland, and Childeric for The Holy Terror (BF, 2000)
  • Colin Salmon (Locke) was Dr. Moon in the Vashta Nerada two-parter (2008), and voiced Trooper Salway for Wirrn Dawn (BF, 2009)
  • script supervisor Sheila Johnston worked on continuity for Voyage of the Damned, Partners in Crime, The Fires of Pompeii, Planet of the Ood and The Unicorn and the Wasp

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Doctor Who Vs. Sea of Souls, Series 1

This supernatural drama series from BBC Scotland and Sony Pictures was created by David Kane (who wrote the whole first season), produced by Phil Collinson (before he moved onto the revival of Doctor Who), and was based around fictional investigations into psychic and paranormal phenomena.
The regular cast, Archie Panjabi, Peter McDonald, and Bill Paterson (Professor Bracewell in Victory of the Daleks) played the Clyde University academics Megan Sharma, Dr. Andrew Gemmill and Dr. Douglas Monaghan.
The six-part series debuted on BBC One in early 2004, and featured Peter Capaldi (as Gordon Fleming  in the first mystery) and twenty-nine other Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

Seeing Double (TX: February 2 and 3)
  • director James Hawes later helmed The Empty Child, The Doctor Dances, The Christmas Invasion, New Earth and School Reunion
  • Siobhan Redmond (Carol Fleming & Helen Reid) has a role in the forthcoming Big Finish release, Revenge of the Swarm
  • David Ashton (Crooks) was cast as Tomas in The Face of Evil, but was replaced by Brendan Price - he would later appear as Kendron in Timelash 
  • Eric Mason (Phillips) was Prison Officer Green in The Mind of Evil, and CPO Smedley in The Sea Devil
  • Bhasker Patel (Dentist) was Jival Chowdry in Turn Left
  • Tracy Wiles (Secretary) voiced Moira Brody for the forthcoming audio release, Masters of Earth
  • Big Finish voice artist Hugh Ross (Claremont) voiced Reverand Merodach for The Companion Chronicles release, Night's Black Agents (2010), Robert Stretton for Industrial Evolution (2011), Vepaja for Voyage to Venus (2012), and Sir Toby Kinsella for the Counter Measures spin-off series
  • cinematographer Ernest Vincze worked in that post on thirty-eight installments of the revived series, from Rose to The Waters of Mars
  • film editor Liana Del Giudice also edited the same stories that Hawes directed
  • George Gerwitz was the first assistant director on Rose, Aliens of London and World War Three too
  • costume designer Ray Holman also designed fifteen stories (from Blink to The Big Bang) and twenty-seven episodes of Torchwood
  • Marie Brown was also the post-production supervisor (then co-ordinator) on eighty-eight episodes, from Rose to The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Time Crash and Music of the Spheres  
  • VFX supervisor Jennifer Herbert of The Mill, was the 2D VFX artist on ten Series 1 adventures 
  • Barbara Southcott was also make-up designer on fifty-nine episodes, from The Runaway Bride to the 2011 Christmas special, as well as Time Crash and Music of the Spheres
  • Pamela Mullins was also a make-up artist (then later supervisor) on fifty-six stories, from the 2006 Christmas special to The Wedding of River Song
  • script supervisor Sheila Johnston worked on the continuity for Voyage of the Damned, Partners in Crime, The Fires of Pompeii, Planet of the Ood and The Unicorn and the Wasp
Mind Over Matter (TX:
  • Michelle Collins (Katie) was Captain Kath McDonnell in 42
  • Ellie Haddington (Ellen) was Professor Docherty in Last of the Time Lords
  • Struan Rodger (McKay) provided the voice for the Face of Boe
That Old Black Magic (TX:
  • Rakie Ayola (Yemi) was the Hostess in Midnight
  • Nicholas Gecks (Croft) was Albert Dumfries in The Sound of Drums
  • Louis Mahoney (Chris) and Michael Obiora (Lucas) both played Billy Shipton in Blink - the former also appeared as the Newscaster in (episodes 1 and 2 of) Frontier in Space, and Ponti in (parts 1 and 2 of) Planet of Evil
  • Tim Plester (Assistant) was a Servant in A Christmas Carol
  • series sound recordist Brian Milliken worked on The Sontaran Stratagem, The Poison Sky and The Sarah Jane Adventures in the same capacity
  • Paul Heasman (an uncredited Nazi in Silver Nemesis, and stunt arranger on Survivaland Rocky Taylor (stuntman on The Idiot's Lantern) were both stunt co-ordinators here
  • series first assistant director Peter Bennett was assistant on fourteen installments, production manager on four Series 4 episodes, then produced another six editions for Series 5
  • series electrician Scott Napier was later the gaffer on The Day of the Doctor

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Doctor Who Vs. I, Monster

Shown on the Horror channel today, this Amicus feature starred genre legends Christopher Lee (born 1922) and Peter Cushing (as Dr. Marlowe and Frederick Utterson).
I, Monster was writer (and co-producer) Milton Subotsky's take on the classic gothic novella, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, first published in 1886. This version is considered very faithful to Stevenson's book, but is set in Edwardian London.
Released by British Lion in 1971, the film featured six other Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

  • Richard Hurndall (Lanyon) played the First Doctor (pictured) in The Five Doctors
  • Susan Jameson (Diane) voiced Mrs. Moynihan for The Spectre of Lanyon Moor (Big Finish, 2000), then the recurring character of Mrs. Wibsey for the Hornets' Nest (2009), Demon Quest (2010), and Serpent Crest (2011) series from AudioGo (she had been cast as Morgan for Colony in Space but was replaced by Tony Caunter)
  • Ian McCulloch (Man) was Nilson in Warriors of the Deep
  • Aimée Delamain (Landlady) was Dona Arana in (the first part of) The Two Doctors
  • fellow producer Max Rosenberg and Buster Ambler (sound mixer) both worked on the two Dalek films