Monday, 21 April 2014

Doctor Who Vs. Blood On Satan's Claw

Short-lived British film company Tigon Films was founded to compete with the Hammer and Amicus features of the Sixties. This low-budget production was released in 1970. Here, a village set in 17th century England is taken over by demonic possession.
In his 2010 documentary, A History of HorrorMark Gatiss referred to a sub-genre he called 'folk horror' that included Blood on Satan's Claw and the iconic film, The Wicker Man (1973).
Shown on the Horror channel early this morning, this B-movie featured Wendy Padbury (pictured as Cathy Vespers), Anthony Ainley (Reverand Fallowfield), Roberta Tovey (Coven Member), and nine other Doctor Who cast and crew connections:
  • Simon Williams (Edmonton) played Group Captain 'Chunky' Ian Gilmore in Remembrance of the Daleks, a role he reprised for Big Finish's spin-off audio series, Counter Measures and the upcoming release, 1963: The Assassination Games - he also voiced Paul Addison and Shara for Nekromanteia (2003), and the Guardian for The Guardians of Prophecy (2012)
  • Barry Andrews (Gower) was Stott in Nightmare of Eden
  • Godfrey James (Blake) was Tarn in Underworld
  • Eric Mason, Geoffrey Hughes, Anna Wing and Andrew McCulloch (Villagers) were Smedley in The Sea Devils, and Green in The Mind of Evil; Mr. Popplewick in The Trial of a Time Lord: The Ultimate Foe; and Anatta in Kinda (part 1), respectively - the latter went on to co-write Meglos
  • Harry Fielder (Militiaman), a veteran of fifteen 'classic' era appearances, was a Guard (in serials PP, ZZZ, 4L, 4P, 5A, 5F, 5Z), a Crewman (SS, 4T), a Vogan (4D), an Assassin (4Q), a Tigellan (5Q), and a Krarg in Shada 
  • cinematographer Dick Bush was film cameraman on The Romans

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Great Doctor Who Quotes #5

"Homo sapiens! What an inventive, invincible species. It's only a few million years since
they crawled up out of the mud and learned to walk. Puny, defenceless bipeds. They've survived flood, famine, and plague. They've survived cosmic wars and holocausts. And now, here they are, out among the stars, waiting to begin a new life. Ready to out-sit eternity. They're indomitable!"

- The Doctor, The Ark in Space, Part 1 (January 25 1975)
Written by Robert Holmes

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Doctor Who Vs. Sea of Souls: The Prayer Tree

This BAFTA winning supernatural drama came to a close after three full series, with a two-part special, first screened in April 2007. 
The story (set in a remote Scottish haunted house) was written by creator, David Kane, and again featured Bill Paterson as Dr. Monaghan, now without any student assistants.
The Prayer Tree was produced by Carnival Films for BBC Scotland, and featured these six Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

  • Neve McIntosh (Karen) played a trio of Silurians - firstly the warrior twins, Alaya and Restac in The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood, then the recurring character of Madame Vastra (pictured) seen in A Good Man Goes to War, The Snowmen, The Crimson Horror, The Name of the Doctor and the Prequel shorts, The Great Detective, Vastra Investigates and The Battle of Demons Run: Two Days Later
  • Christina Cole (Rebecca) was Lilith in The Shakespeare Code
  • Ron Donachie (Minister) was a Steward in Tooth and Claw
  • Alisdair Simpson (Mathers) voiced both Sir Francis White and Ritchie for 1963: The Assassination Games (Big Finish, 2013)
  • Simon Clark was the sound recordist on An Adventure in Space and Time too
  • stunt co-ordinator Gareth Milne was George Cranleigh in Black Orchid, a Mortuary Attendant in Vengeance on Varos, and doubled for Peter Davison on Warriors of the Deep

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Doctor Who Vs. Sea of Souls, Series 3

Glaswegian actors Bill Paterson, Dawn Steele and Iain Robertson all returned for the third run of this supernatural drama, set at Scotland's fictional Clyde University parapsychology department.
First shown on BBC One in the winter of 2006, this six-part season featured Paul McGann (as Christopher Chambers in the final mystery)
and eighteen further Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

Insiders (TX: January 7)
  • Brian McCardie (Beale) has been cast in the forthcoming Big Finish release, Masters of Earth
  • Gary Hoptrough was a stuntman on The Runaway Bride and Let's Kill Hitler too
Oracle (TX: January 14)
  • Jeff Rawle (Norman) was Plantagenet in Frontios, Lionel Harding in The Sarah Jane Adventures: Mona Lisa's Revenge, and Mervyn Pinfield in An Adventure in Space and Time
Sleeper (TX: January 21)
  • for Stephen Garwood (producer), Jonathan Farmer (assistant director), Barbara Southcott (make-up designer), Pam Mullins (make-up artist), Edmund Butt (composer), Toby Wood (music engineer), Scott Napier (electrician), Sheila Johnston (script supervisor), and Ray Holman (costume designer) see my Series 2 blog
The Newsroom (TX: January 28)
  • Ronald Pickup (Galt) made his TV debut as the Physician in The Reign of Terror: The Tyrant of France, and voiced Kestorian for Time Works (BF, 2006), and Elder Bones for Spaceport Fear (BF, 2013)
  • Sheila Reid (Aggie) was Etta in Vengeance on Varos, Clara's Gran in The Time of the Doctor, and has been cast in the upcoming audio adventure, The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield
Succubus (TX: February 4)
  • Emma Campbell-Jones (Sarah) was Dr. Kent in The Wedding of River Song, and Cass (pictured with McGann) in The Night of the Doctor
  • Lucy Griffiths (Rebecca) voiced Mabel for The Auntie Matter (BF, 2013)
  • Dave Humphries was also the foley recordist on The Empty Child, The Doctor Dances, Bad Wolf and The Parting of the Ways
Rebound (TX: February 11)
  • for Peter Guinness (Dr. Duncan) see the Series 2 story Empty Promise