Sunday, 24 November 2013

Doctor Who @ 50: Great Doctor Who Quotes #3

"..I left my car outside a junkyard in the fog, and ended up catapulted through time and space. Me and.. Barbara.. we'd been intrigued by one of our pupils.. named Susan, and we'd followed her home. Well, turned out her home was just a box.. bigger on the inside.. some kind of science of the Doctor's. He was Susan's grandfather.. It was a ship really, on the outside it looked like a police telephone box.. but.. it could travel through time. Anyway, the Doctor whisked us off in this ship, TARDIS he called it.."

- Ian Chesteron, The Companion Chronicles: The Revenants
(Published by Big Finish, 2012)
Written by Ian Potter

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Doctor Who Vs. Silent Witness, Series 4

The fourth season of Silent Witness was first broadcast on BBC1 in 1999, and again starred Amanda Burton as Home Office pathologist, Professor Sam Ryan. The three two-part stories began a repeat run on the Drama channel tonight and featured another sixteen Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

Gone Tomorrow (TX: May 30 & 31)
  • John Flanagan (Kittrick) wrote Meglos with Andrew McCulloch
  • Nigel Terry (Thorn) played General Cobb in The Doctor's Daughter
  • Robert Pugh (Peterson) was Tony Mack in the 2010 Silurian two-parter
  • Rod Arthur (Controller) was Mr Parsons in School Reunion
  • Howard Lee (Davies) was Dr Gachet in The Pandorica Opens
  • SFX artist Paul McGuinness was Drathro in The Mysterious Planet 
  • regular series stunt arranger Rod Woodruff  was a stunt co-ordinator on Rose and World War Three
  • stunt performer Abbi Collins was later the stunt co-ordinator on eleven Tennant era stories, from Rise of the Cybermen toThe Waters of Mars, and The Sarah Jane Adventures
  • cinematographer John McGlashan was film cameraman on Pyramids of Mars and The Face of Evil
  • Jan Nethercot was make-up designer on The Caves of Androzani too
A Kind of Justice (TX: June 8 & 9)
  • Tom Georgeson (McNally) was Kavell in Genesis of the Daleks, and the Inspector in Logopolis
  • George Russo (Danny) was Cleric Philip in 2010's two-part Weeping Angels adventure
  • associate producer Michael Darbon was production manager on Warriors of the Deep
A Good Body (TX: June 15 & 16)
  • Cheryl Hall (Sheryl) was Shirna in Carnival of Monsters
  • Alec Linstead (Cross) starred in the first Silent Witness serial, Buried Lies (1996) - he was Sergeant Osgood in The Daemons, Arnold Jellicoe in Robot, and Arthur Stengos (pictured) in Revelation of the Daleks
  • film editor Philip Kloss also edited The Doctor's DaughterMidnight, and The End of TimeTorchwood: Children of Earth, and the forthcoming An Adventure in Space and Time

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Great Doctor Who Quotes #2

"In all my travelling throughout the universe I have battled against evil, against power mad conspirators. I should have stayed here! The oldest civilisation: decadent, degenerate, and rotten to the core... Daleks, Sontarans, Cybermen? They're still in the nursery compared to us! Ten million years of absolute power. That's what it takes to be really corrupt."

- The Doctor, The Trial of a Time Lord, Part 13
(November 29th 1986)
Written by Robert Holmes