Sunday, 26 February 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Casualty, Series 8

Regular series actors Derek Thompson, Cathy Shipton, Ian Bleasdale, Clive 
Mantle, Patrick Robinson, Caroline Webster, Anne Kristen and William Gaminara all returned for the eighth season of BBC One's long-running medical drama.
Joining the programme here were Jo Unwin (as paramedic Lucy Cooper), David Ryall (Dr. Tom Harley), Oliver Parker (manager Mark Calder), Suzanna Hamilton (SHO Karen Goodliffe), Dona Croll (nurse Adele Beckford), Christopher Guard (nurse Ken Hodges), Samantha Edwards (nurse Helen Chatsworth), Naoko Mori (receptionist Mie Nishikawa), Steven O'Donnell (porter Frankie Drummer), 
Brendan O'Hea (paramedic Brian Crawford), Tara Moran (trainee nurse Mary Skillett), Martin Ball (SHO Dave Masters) and Jane Gurnett (nurse Rachel Longworth).
Webster, Kristen, Gaminara, Ryall, Parker, Hamilton, Croll, Guard, Edwards, 
Mori, O'Donnell, O'Hea, Moran and Ball had all left the show by the series' conclusion, whilst Shipton chose to depart after eight years service - she would return regularly between 1998 and the present.
The new, twenty-four part series, was originally broadcast from September 
1993 to February 1994, and featured thirty-eight Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

  • Mori was introduced as Dr. Toshiko Sato in Aliens of London, then became a series regular in Torchwood
  • Amelda Brown (Linda) voiced Margaret for The Adventure Games: The Gunpowder Plot
  • Adjoa Andoh (Maggie) and Croll both starred as Cat Nuns Sister Jatt and Matron Casp in New Earth - Andoh was then was cast as Martha Jones' mum, Francine for Series three - also voiced Nurse Albertine for Big Finish's Year of the Pig (2006)
  • Peter Ferdinando (Policeman) and Brian Miller (Sullivan here; Warburn, 1999; Piper, 2002; Hearn, 2012) both appeared in Deep Breath, as Half-Face Man and Barney - Miller (the widow of Elizabeth Sladen) was also Dugdale in Snakedance, and voiced the titular villains for Resurrection and Remembrance of the Daleks
  • Brenda Bruce (Carrie) was Tilda in Paradise Towers
  • Clive Rowe (Speight) was Morvin Van Hoff in Voyage of the Damned
  • Craig Kelly (Wheater here; Daniel Perryman, 1995/6) and Anna Calder Marshall (Yvonne here; Peggy, 2015) both starred in Scream of the Shalka as Joe and Mathilda Pierce respectively
  • prolific Big Finish actor Toby Longworth (PC) voiced Professor Morgan, Sancreda and UNIT Sentry all for The Spectre of Lanyon Moor, the Monan Host for The Apocalypse Element, Priest for The Fires of Vulcan (all 2000), Kelsey for Sword of Orion, Hauptmann Julius Schafer for Colditz (both 2001), Beep the Meep for The Ratings War, Josiah W Dogbolter for The Maltese Penguin (both 2002), Badger, Gaulish, Tribesman and Winston Churchill all for Unbound: Auld Mortality, Broke for The Dark Flame, Time Lord for Unbound: Exile (all 2003), the Cabbie for Unregenerate! (2005), Redklaw and Jack for Circular Time, Konrad and Schrader for Old Soldiers, the titular villain of The Wishing Beast (all 2007), Commander Hectocot for The Key 2 Time: The Chaos Pool, Yatsumoto, Truscott and Manager all for The Nightmare Fair (both 2009), Stafel and Security Guard for The Song of Megaptera (2010), Thaddeus P Winklemeyer for Freakshow (2011), Werner for Counter Measures 3 (2014), Min for Gallifrey: Intervention Earth (2015), and Caw for The Infinite Quest
  • Jaye Griffiths (Sheena here; Elle Gardner, 2016) was Jac in The Magician's Apprentice and The Zygon Invasion, and voiced Daylin for The War Doctor 2: Infernal Devices (2016)
  • Martin Cochrane (Dinning) was General Chellak in The Caves of Androzani
  • Louise Gold (Carey) voiced President Grosseteste for Tales From New Earth (BF, 2018)
  • Terrence Hardiman (Carlisle) was Hawthorne in The Beast Below, and voiced King Sitric for The Book of Kells (BF, 2010), Reverend Dobbs for Serpent Crest: The Broken Crown (AudioGo, 2011), and Stackhouse for The English Way of Death (BF, 2014)
  • Andrée Bernard (Ricky here; Sandra, 1997) was Dolly Bailey in The Shakespeare Code, and voiced Ellen Green for Blue Forgotten Planet (2009), Erisi for The Entropy Composition, Lorelei for Paradise 5 (both 2010), Joanna Slade for The Feast of Axos (2011), Dr. Paignton and Constable for The Red House, Susie and Sylvie for Stage Fright, and Tethneka and Carter for Terror of the Sontarans (all 2015)
  • Jim McManus (Harry here; Davis, 1996) was an Opthalmologist in The Invisible Enemy
  • Frances White (Harriet) was Cassandra in The Myth Makers
  • Sean Carlsen (Mac here; Mick, 1994; Bard, 1998) was a Policeman in The Christmas Invasion, then voiced Sub-editor, Board Member, Citizen and Censor all for The Natural History of Fear (2004), Caius for The Council of Nicaea (2005), Ned Davey for The Ghosts of Gralstead, and Co-ordinator Narvin for Dark Eyes 3 (both 2014), the Gallifrey series (2004-16) and Gallifrey: Time War (2018)
  • Amanda Root (Joyce here; Evelyn, 2013) voiced Madeleine Fairweather for The Girl Who Never Was (BF, 2007)
  • Sarah Berger (Gemma here; Helen, 2013) was Rost in Attack of the Cybermen (2)
  • Vilma Hollingbery (Ada) was Mrs. Harcourt in The Doctor Dances
  • Leslie Schofield (Jenson) was Leroy in (episode 4 of) The War Games, and Calib in The Face of Evil
  • Ball was Roger Davey in Partners in Crime
  • Mark Williams (Jones) voiced Max Edison for The Eternal Summer (BF, 2009), and played Rory's dad Brian Williams Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and The Power of Three
  • Gracy Goldman (Rosie) was Mrs. Woods in The Caretaker
  • Patrick O'Connell (White) was Ashton in The Dalek Invasion of Earth (4)
  • Michael Bertenshaw (PC Vaughan here; Granger, 2003; Murray, 2008) was Mr. Cole in The Next Doctor
  • Peter Guinness (Becket here; Elliot Matthews, 1997/8) voiced Childeric for The Holy Terror (BF, 2000), Baron Teufel for The Beast of Orlok (BF, 2009), Rovus for The Star Men (BF, 2017), and Mr. Dread for Dreamland
  • Derek Fowlds (Croft here; Cothern, 2013) voiced Claude for The Elixir of Doom (BF, 2014)
  • Sean Gallagher (Truman) was Chip in New Earth
  • Martyn Whitby (Pascoe here; Stanbridge, 2005) was the Drayman in The Mark of the Rani (1)
  • Bryonie Pritchard (Nicola) was Dr. Sally Arnold in the Auton video trilogy
  • Heather Emmanuel (Rabya) was Tessa in The Android Invasion (4)
  • Norman Mitchell (Jenkins) was a Policeman in The Daleks' Master Plan: The Feast of Steven
  • Paterson Joseph (Michael here; Mark Grace, 1997/8) was Roderick in Bad Wolf and The Parting of the Ways
  • Colin McFarlane (Ray here; Duheney, 2015)
  • AFM Catrin Lewis Defis was the associate producer on The Next DoctorThe End of Time and Torchwood, and produced Music of the Spheres

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Prime Suspect, Series 5

Granada's acclaimed, multi-award winning police
procedural drama returned in October 1996. 
Helen Mirren's role as Detective Superintendent 
Jane Tennison earned her further Emmy award
and BAFTA nominations, and the serial won
 another Outstanding Mini-series Emmy.
Mirren was joined by David O'Hara (as DS Rankine), Julia Lane (DI Devanney), John 
Brobbey (DC Adeliyeka), and John McArdle
(DCS Ballinger).
This two-part case (subtitled Errors of 
Judgement, and now based in Manchester
began another repeat run on ITV3 last night, and featured seven Doctor Who cast and crew 

  • Steven Mackintosh (the Street) played Gazak (pictured) in Timelash
  • Ray Emmet Brown (Johns) voiced 'No. 16' for Big Finish's House of Blue Fire (2011)
  • Joe Jacobs (Lafferty) was a Guard in The Pandorica Opens
  • Andy Devine (Reporter) began his TV career as an uncredited Draconian in Frontier in Space
  • director Philip Davis was Lucius Petrus Dextrus in The Fires of Pompeii, and voiced Titus for The Cannibalists (BF, 2009)
  • production manager Des Hughes was the line producer on eight stories (from The Snowmen to The Time of the Doctor) - he had a cameo in The Five(ish) Doctors too
  • Peter Brayham was also the stunt co-ordinator on The Christmas InvasionNew Earth and School Reunion

Friday, 24 February 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Murder on the Home Front

This period drama from Carnival Films
was inspired by Evidence for the Crown,
a book by Molly Lefebure (1919-2013)
which chronicled the writer's wartime
work with pioneering forensic pathologist
Dr. Keith Simpson (1907-1985).
1940: the height of the London Blitz.
Dr. Lennox Collins (Home Office
pathologist, forensic sciencist and
advocate of Locard's principle) is enlisted
by Scotland Yard when a prostitute is strangled and a Swastika is found carved on her tongue. Collins, played by Patrick Kennedy (Bleak House, War Horse)
is assisted in the hunt for the 'Nazi
Strangler' by his new secretary and
would-be crime reporter Molly (Tamzin
The two-part serial (originally shown in May 2013) was repeated on ITV3
last night, and featured thirteen Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

  • Geoffrey Sax directed the Doctor Who TV Movie too
  • James Fleet (Professor Stephens) voiced O'Reilley for Max Warp (2008), Geoff Cooper for The Entropy Composition, and Martin Ashcroft and Sir Jack Merrivale for Special Features (both included on The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories release of 2010)
  • Richard Bremmer (Maxton) voiced General Hemmings, Valcon and Taxi Driver all for The Valley of Death (BF, 2011), and Old Beowulf for Black and White (BF, 2012)
  • John Heffernan (Zeigler) voiced Vonchef for Revenge of the Swarm (BF, 2014), and the Imposter for Doom Coalition 3 (BF, 2016)
  • Angus Wright (Carver) voiced Magnus Greel for The Butcher of Brisbane (BF, 2012), and Alek Zenos for We Are The Daleks (BF, 2015)
  • Greg Bennett (PC) was a Sycorax Warrior and UNIT Soldier in The Christmas Invasion, and a Guest in The Lazarus Experiment
  • Paul Heasman was the stunt co-ordinator on Survival too, and was an uncredited Nazi in Silver Nemesis
  • stunt performers Lee Sheward, Kim McGarrity, Seon Rogers and Marcus Shakesheff all worked on the revived run
  • Gareth Spensley was also the colourist on twenty-two stories (from The God Complex to The Return of Doctor Mysterio)
  • script supervisor Karen Jones began her TV career as PA on Mindwarp

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Prime Suspect, Series 4

Granada's acclaimed, multi-award winning police 
procedural drama returned for a fourth season in the 
spring of 1995. Helen Mirren's role as Jane Tennison 
(now a Detective Superintendent) earned her a third
Emmy award and another BAFTA nomination.
Mirren was joined here by regular series actors John
Benfield (as Chief Superintendent Mike Kernan), 
Richard Hawley (DI Haskons), Mossie Smith (DC 
Havers), Jack Ellis (DI Muddyman), and newcomers Thomas Craig (DS Booth), Sophie Stanton (DS Cromwell), Cristopher John Hale (DC Bakari), and Christopher Fulford (DCI Mitchell). A fifth serial followed in October 1996.
The series, now comprised of three separate cases,
began another repeat run on ITV3 last night, and 
featured seventeen Doctor Who cast and crew 

The Lost Child (UK TX: April 30)
  • Lesley Sharpe (Anne) played Sky Silvestry in Midnight
  • Robert Glenister (Hughes) was Salateen in The Caves of Androzani
  • Big Finish actor Adrian Lukis (Warwick) voiced Bragg for Cobwebs (2010), Byzan for The Children of Seth (2011), Harvey Marsh for The Justice of Jalxar (2013), and Professor Jeffrey Broderick for Counter Measures
  • Graham Seed (Doctor) voiced Pyerpoint for The Romance of Crime (BF, 2015)
  • Sam Cox (DCI Birnan) was DI Bishop in The Idiot's Lantern
  • clapper loader Tony Slater Ling was the cinematographer on The Vampires of Venice and Vincent and the Doctor
Inner Circles (UK TX: May 7)
  • writer Eric Deacon (Dr. Gordon in Prime Suspect 3) was Mykros in Timelash
  • Roger Milner (Norman) was Anicca in (part 1 of) Kinda
  • Albert Welling (Manager) was the titular Fúhrer in Let's Kill Hitler
  • Ralph Arliss (DCI Raymond) was Tuar in Planet of the Spiders
  • Martin Matthews (Councillor) was Kurster in The Androids of Tara
  • stuntman Jim Dowdall was a Guerilla in Day of the Daleks, a Guard in Genesis of the Daleks, and a Warnsman in Frontios (1)
The Scent of Darkness (UK TX: May 15)
  • Marc Warren (DC Dyson) was Elton Pope in Love & Monsters
  • Ray Fearon (Whitehouse) voiced Barlow Teveler for The Seeds of War (BF, 2013)
  • Tim Wallers (Motorist) was Childers in Victory of the Daleks, and voiced Justinian for The Secret History (BF, 2015)
  • Kate Ashfield (Helper) voiced Lieutenant Beth Stokes for Enemy of the Daleks (BF, 2009)
  • Heather Emmanuel (Nurse) was Tessa in The Android Invasion (4)

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Prime Suspect, Series 3

Actors Helen Mirren (as DCI Jane Tennison), 
Tom Bell (DS Bill Otley), Richard Hawley (DC Haskons), Philip Wright (DC Lillie), and John 
Benfield (CS Mike Kernan) all returned for the third season of Granada's acclaimed, multi-award winning police procedural drama.
Originally shown in December 1993, the 
serial earned its second Emmy Award (for 
Outstanding Miniseries) and Mirren won her 
third Best Actress BAFTA.
The two-part case (again written by Lynda
La Plante and subtitled The Keeper of Souls
concluded another repeat run on ITV3 last 
night, and featured Peter Capaldi (pictured 
as transvestite Vera Reynolds), Mark Strong, 
David Thewlis, Ciarán Hinds, Danny Dyer, 
and thirteen other Doctor Who cast and 
crew connections:

  • Michael J Shannon (Hunter) voiced Uglosi for Nevermore (BF, 2010), and Dr. Hugo Macht for The Shield of Jotunn (BF, 2015)
  • Struan Rodger (Supt. Halliday) provided the voice of the Face of Boe in New Earth and Gridlock, and was Clayton in The Woman Who Lived
  • Terrence Hardiman (Comm. Chiswick) was Hawthorne in The Beast Belowand voiced King Sitirc for The Book of Kells (BF, 2010), Reverend Dobbs for Serpent Crest: The Broken Crown (AudioGo, 2011), and Stackhouse for The English Way of Death (BF, 2014)
  • Andrew Woodall (DI Dalton) depicted Rex Tucker in An Adventure in Space and Time
  • Kelly Hunter (Smithy) was the Shadow Architect in The Stolen Earth and The Magician's Apprentice 
  • Jonny Lee Miller (Field) made his TV debut as a titular Child in Kinda
  • Christopher Fairbank (DCI Lyall) voiced the Professor for The Wreck of the Titan (BF, 2010), and Doc Baroque for The Scapegoat (BF, 2009), then appeared as Fenton in Flatline
  • Gilbert Wynne (Frampton) was Thara in The Krotons
  • Big Finish artist Rowena Cooper (Mrs. Kennington) voiced Emily Shaw for both The Last Post (2012) and The Cloisters of Terror (2015), Mother Superior for The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield 3: The Unbound Universe, Jean Bazemore for Jago & Litefoot 11, and Queen Victoria for both Torchwood: The Victorian Age and The Torchwood Archive (all 2016)
  • Eric Deacon (Doctor) was Mykros in Timelash
  • Joseph Greig (Caretaker) was a titular alien in The Sensorites
  • stunt co-ordinator Terry Forrestal was a Tractor Driver in K9 and Company
  • Stuart Brisdon was also the VFX designer on Mawdryn Undead, The Caves of Androzani, The Twin Dilemma and Remembrance of the Daleks

Friday, 17 February 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Prime Suspect 2

Actors Helen Mirren (as DCI Jane Tennison), 
John Benfield (CS Mike Kernan), Jack Ellis
(DI Muddyman), Craig Fairbrass (DI Burkin), 
Richard Hawley (DC Haskons), Ian Fitzgibbon
(DC Jones), Philip Wright (DC Lillie), and Andrew Tiernan (DC Rosper) all returned for the second 
season of Granada's acclaimed, multi-award 
winning police procedural drama.
Originally shown in December 1992, the serial 
earned its first Emmy Award (for Outstanding Miniseries) and Mirren won her second Best 
Actress BAFTA.
The two-part case (again written by Lynda La
Plante and subtitled Operation Nadine) concluded
another repeat run on ITV3 last night, and 
featured Geoffrey Beevers (as the Coroner) and
nine other Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

  • Colin Salmon (DS Oswalde) was Dr. Moon (pictured) in Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead, then voiced Trooper Salway for Big Finish's Wirrn Dawn (2009)
  • Lloyd McGuire (Calder) was Lugo in (part 1) of The Face of Eviland voiced Lieutenant Tendexter for The Architects of History (BF, 2010)
  • Tom Watson (Harvey) was Ramo in The Underwater Menace
  • Matt Bardock (Reynolds) was Al in Flatline
  • Nina Sosanya (Joanne) was Trish Webber in Fear Her
  • Adrian Schiller (Gold here and Series 3) was Uncle in The Doctor's Wife, and voiced Zanith for Time Works (BF, 2006)
  • Junior Laniyan (Allen) was Suited Customer in Time Heist
  • Michael Fitzgerald (Rodin) was the Duke of Manhattan in New Earth
  • David Ryall (Bream) voiced both Carthok and Valentine for Phantasmagoria (BF, 1999)

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Prime Suspect

Granada's ground-breaking police procedural 
drama began twenty-six ago, and spawned six 
sequel series, an American TV spin-off, and the 
prequel novel Tennison has been adapted by
ITV Studios as Prime Suspect: 1973.
Helen Mirren (born Helen Mironoff in 1945, and 
made a Dame in 2003) debuted here as DCI 
Jane Tennison, a role which earned her three 
BAFTA and two Emmy awards.
Created by Widows screenwriter, author and
ex-actress Lynda La Plante (born 1943), Prime 
Suspect focused on the murder investigations 
of Tennison, one of the Metropolitan Police 
Service's first female Chief Inspectors, whilst 
confronting the institutionalised sexism at her Southampton Row base. La Plante won an 
Edgar Award and a BAFTA for her screenplay.
The two-part serial, first aired in April 1991,
concluded another repeat run on ITV3 last night, 
and featured John Bowe (as George Marlow), 
Tom Bell (DS Bill Otley), Jack Ellis (DI Muddyman), 
Craig Fairbrass (DI Burkin), Richard Hawley (DC Haskosn), Tom Wilkinson 
and twelve Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

  • John Benfield (DCS Kernan) voiced Don for Big Finish's Circular Time: Autumn (2007), and Captain Greeg for The Song of Megaptera (2010)
  • Zoe Wanamaker (Moyra) played Lady Cassandra in The End of the World and New Earth
  • Andrew Tiernan (DC Rosper) was Mr. Purcell in Night Terrors
  • Angela Bruce (Helen) was UNIT Brigadier Winifred Bambera in Battlefield, a role she reprised for Animal (BF, 2011)
  • James Snell (Upcher) was Harry in The Daemons
  • Rod Arthur (Tomlins) was Mr. Parsons in School Reunion
  • Bryonie Pritchard (WPC) was Dr. Sally Arnold in BBV's Auton trilogy
  • Owen Aaronovitch (Tony) voiced Antonio Ferrando for Fiesta of the Damned (BF, 2016). and Dr. Javier Santos for The New Counter Measures 2 (2017)
  • Vincent Pickering (Witness) made his TV debut as Sagan in Warriors' Gate
  • prolific Big Finish artist Susan Brown (Linda) was Bridget Spears in Torchwood: Children of Earth, and voiced Mary for 100: Bedtime Story (2007), Alice Withers for The Eternal Summer, Maud for Castle of Fear, both Mrs. Withers and Mrs. Sowerby for Plague of the Daleks (all 2009), Margaret for both Deimos and The Resurrection of Mars, Eleanor Harvey for Return of the Krotons, Chief Engineer and Chanel for The Song of the Megaptera, Babs for Prison in Space (all 2010), and Kastrella for Death Match (2015)
  • Peter Brayham was also the stunt co-ordinator on The Christmas InvasionNew Earth and School Reunion
  • Alf Tramontin was the steadicam operator on Attack of the Graske too

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Inspector Morse: Service of All the Dead

This drama, the third instalment of Central's BAFTA 
winning crime series, first aired in January 1987,
and was repeated again on ITV3 yesterday.
The serial was based on Colin Dexter's fourth novel, published in 1979, and again starred John Thaw
(1942-2002) as the titular detective, and Kevin
Whately (born 1951) as Sergeant Robbie Lewis.
Service of All the Dead, set around St. Frideswides 
church in Oxford, closely follows the book's narrative, and featured thirteen Doctor Who cast and crew

  • John Normington (Pawlen) played Trau Morgus (pictured) in The Caves of Androzani, and Trevor Sigma in The Happiness Patrol
  • Norman Jones (CS Bell) was Khrisong in The Abominable Snowmen, Major Baker in The Silurians, and Hieronymous in The Masque of Mandragora
  • Maurice O'Connell (Josephs) was Cockerill in Frontios
  • Michael Goldie (Jimmy) was Jack Craddock in The Dalek Invasion of Earth, and Elton Laleham in The Wheel in Space
  • Richardson Morgan (Landlord) was Corporal Blake in The Web of Fear, and Rogin in The Ark in Space
  • Harold Innocent (Archdeacon) was Gilbert M, also for serial 7L, and voiced Freeth for The Paradise of Death - with Jean Marsh, he is the only other Doctor Who actor to appear in The Twilight Zone (1959-1964)
  • James Greene (Counsel) was the Abbott in The Bells of Saint John
  • Joanna Wake (Nurse) voiced Miss Faversham for Big Finish's UNIT: Silenced (2016)
  • for Peter Woodthorpe (Max), series producer Kenny McBain, and stuntmen Terry Forrestal and Valentino Musett, see my blog for The Dead of Jericho
  • assembly editor Michael Feinberg was the sound editor on The Lazarus Experiment and ten instalments of The Sarah Jane Adventures

Monday, 13 February 2017

Doctor Who Vs. Casualty, Series 7

Regular series actors 
Derek Thompson, 
Cathy Shipton, Ian Bleasdale, Nigel 
Le Vaillant, Patrick Robinson, Maureen Beattie, Caroline 
Webster and Anne Kristen all returned for the seventh season 
of BBC One's long-running medical drama.
Joining the programme here were Joanna Foster (as manager Kate Miller),
Jason Riddington (SHO Rob Khalefa), Emma Bird (Maxine Price), Robert Daws (administrator Simon Eastman), Clive Mantle (Dr. Mike Barrett), whilst William Gaminara returned (to the role of Dr. Bower) for the last third of the 
run. Also introduced for this season only were Imogen Boorman, Nicola Jefferies and Ken Sharrock (as recurring characters Nikki Wyatt, receptionist Jenny and Kenny Price).
Foster, Riddington, Bird and Daws all left the show by the series' conclusion, 
whilst Le Vaillant and Beattie both chose to depart after two years service.
The new series (now with an increased quota of twenty-four episodes) was originally broadcast from September 1992 to February 1993, and featured 
Geoffrey Beevers and fifty Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

  • prolific Big Finish actor Christopher Benjamin (Lindall) first appeared as Sir Keith Gold in Inferno, then as Colonel Hugh Curbishley in The Unicorn and the Waspbut is best known as Henry Gordon Jago from The Talons of Weng Chiang - a role he reprised for The Mahogany Murders (2009) then the Jago and Litefoot audio series (2010 to the present), Voyage to Venus, Voyaage to the New World (both 2012), The Justice of Jalxar (2013), The Worlds of Doctor Who (2014), The Last Adventure: Stage Fright, The Haunting (both 2015) and The Beast of Kravenos (2017) - he also voiced Tardelli for Grand Theft Cosmos (2008)
  • Daws (Eastman here; Blakely, 2012) voiced Anvar for The War Master (BF, 2017)
  • Ron Donachie (PC Pewsey here; Sutcliffe, 1996; DI Hartley, 2015) was the Steward in Tooth and Claw
  • Ian Hogg (Morgan here; Fenner, 1995) was Josiah Samuel Smith in Ghost Light, and voiced General Voshkar for The Sandman (BF, 2002), and Albert for Protect and Serve (BF, 2012)
  • Nigel Humphreys (Davis, 1992; Poynton, 1995) was Bulic in Warriors of the Deep
  • Shane Rimmer (Rhinehart) was Seth Harper in The Gunfighters
  • another prolific Big Finish artist Susan Brown (Julie here; Joan, 1995; Pauline, 2014) was Bridget Spears in Torchwood: Children of Earth, and voiced Mary for 100: Bedtime Story (2007), Alice Withers for The Eternal Summer, Maud for Castle of Fear, both Mrs Withers and Mrs Sowerby for Plague of the Daleks (all 2009), Margaret for both Deimos and The Resurrection of Mars, Eleanor Harvey for Return of the Krotons, Chief Engineer and Chanel for The Song of the Megaptera, Babs for Prison in Space (all 2010), and Kastrella for Death Match (2015)
  • Anne Reid (Barbara) was Nurse Crane in The Curse of Fenric, and Florence Finnegan in Smith and Jones
  • John Normington (George here; Clarke, 2000; Sanderson, 2007) was Morgus in The Caves of Androzani, and Trevor Sigma in The Happiness Patrol
  • Ann Bell (Lydia here; Celia, 1999; Matty, 2006) voiced Sylvia O'Donnell for Thousand Tiny Wings (BF, 2010), Professor Gesima Cazalet for Night of the Stormcrow (BF, 2013), and Lisa Burrows for The Diary of River Song (BF, 2016)
  • Peter Gilmore (Lionel) was Brazen in Frontios
  • Michael Jayston (Ian here; Northwick, 2011)  played the Valeyard in The Trial of a Time Lord season, a role he reprised for Big Finish's Unbound: He Jests at Scars (2003), then Trial of the Valeyard (2014) and The Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure (2015) - he also voiced the Tsar for Serpent Crest: Tsar Wars (AudioGo, 2011)
  • Helen Lederer (Maria here; Dr. Oppe, 2011) voiced Patricia Ryder for Death in Blackpool (BF, 2009)
  • Tenniel Evans (Summers here; Sylvester, 1999) was Major Daly in Carnival of Monsters
  • Simon Paisley Day (Extra) was a Steward in The End of the World, and Rump in Face the Raven
  • future Trainspotting and Elementary star Jonny Lee Miller (Matt) made his TV debut as a titular Child in Kinda
  • Harry Towb (Kelvin here; Brook, 2006) was Osgood in (episode 1 of) The Seeds of Death, and McDermott in Terror of the Autons
  • Lee Ross (Dave here; Ray, 1996) was the Boatswain in The Curse of the Black Spot
  • Jon Croft (Fred) was Tom Girton in The Daemons
  • real-life husband and wife Martin Jarvis (Bart) and Rosalind Ayres (Sarah) both starred in Jubilee (BF, 2003) as Nigel and Miriam Rochester - Jarvis was also Hilio in The Web Planet, Butler in Invasion of the Dinosaurs, and the Governor in Vengeance on Varos
  • Philip Madoc (Mike) was Eelek in The Krotons, the War Lord in The War Games, Dr. Mehendri Solon in The Brain of Morbius, Fenner in The Power of Kroll, Brockley in the second Dalek film, and provided the voices of Rag Cobden for Return of the Krotons (BF, 2009), and Victor Schaeffer for Master (BF, 2003)
  • Rula Lenska (Circus Owner here; Vera, 2016) was Styles in Resurrection of the Daleks
  • Susan Penhaligon (Hattie here; Leila, 2003; Anne, 2013) was Lakis in (episodes 5 and 6 of) The Time Monster
  • David Sibley (Frank here; Parkes, 2015) was Pralix in The Pirate Planet, and voiced Kurt Schalk for PersuasionThe Eminence for The Seeds of War (both 2013), Dark Eyes 2Dark Eyes 3 and Destroy the Infinite (all 2014) and Dark Eyes 4 (2015), and Valerian for Gallifrey: Time War (2018)
  • Rebecca Callard (Suzie here; Connie, 1998) voiced Connie for Time Reef: A Perfect World (BF, 2008), and Shadrak for Harvest of the Sycorax (BF, 2016)
  • TP McKenna (Arthur here; Dr. Whitlock, 1997) and Christopher Guard (Hodges) both appeared in The Greatest Show in the Galaxy as Captain Cook and Bellboy respectively
  • Jeff Rawle (Jackson) was Plantagenet in Frontios, Lionel Harding in The Sarah Jane Adventures: Mona Lisa's Revenge, and Mervyn Pinfield in An Adventure in Space and Time
  • Michael Melia (Brennan) was a Terileptil in The Visitation
  • Chris Tranchell (Registrar) was Roger Colbert in The Massacre, Steven Jenkins in The Faceless Ones, and Andred in The Invasion of Time
  • Hywel Bennett (Lawson here; Wincott in Casualty@Holby City, 2005) was Rynian in The Chase
  • Stephen Moore (Kevin) was Silurian Eldane in The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood, and voiced Clark Goodman for both The Eight Truths and Worldwide Web (BF, 2009)
  • Angela Pleasence (Sonia here; Catherine, 2009) was Queen Elizabeth in The Shakespeare Code
  • Victor Winding (Billy) was Spencer in The Faceless Ones
  • Michael Cashman (Paynter) and Keith Drinkel (Easton) both appeared in Time Flight as First Officer Bilton and Roger Scobie - the latter also voiced Henry Hallam for Catch 1782 (BF, 2005), and the Cinder for Frostfire (BF, 2007)
  • Julia Hills (Carole here; Caroline Miller/Joyner, 2004/5; Cathy, 2012) voiced Qureshi for The Bounty of Ceres (2014), Phillipa Gregson for Doom Coalition 2 (2016), Sera for The War Doctor 4 (2017), and Sharon and Rindle for The Diary of River Song 3 (2018)
  • John Duttine (Howard here; Foster, 1995; Fletcher, 2001; Jennings, 2003) voiced Hector for Exotron (BF, 2007)
  • René Zagger (Rick here; Smith, 2004; Durante, 2014) was Padra in Utopia
  • Paul Bazely (Watson here; Brennan, 2006) was Ven-Garr in The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
  • Andrew Burt (Locke) was Valgard in Terminus
  • Daniel Hill (Clive here; Howatt, 2008; Barton, 2014) was Chris Parsons in Shada, and voiced Percy Noggins for Hornet's Nest: The Stuff of Nightmares (AudioGo, 2009)
  • Julian Holloway (Jim) was Paterson in Survival
  • Robert Duncan (Taylor here; Peter Hayes, 1995/6) voiced Borthwick for The Girl Who Never Was (BF, 2007), Pallister for The Entropy Plague, Mr. Thomas for Damaged Goods (both 2015), and Kay and Sternwood for The Demon Rises (2018)
  • Matt Bardock (Terry here; Jeff Collier, 2007-14) was Al in Flatline
  • Ian Gelder (Jeremy here; Chambers, 1997; Swain, 2004) voiced the Commander for Last of the Cybermen (BF, 2010)
  • John Cater (Bernard) was Professor Krimpton in The War Machines
  • Charles De'Ath (Rosco here; Simon, 2001; Stanley, 2008; Crozier, 2010; Greer, 2011; Gooden, 2014) was Adelaide's Father in The Waters of Mars
  • James Blackwell (PC Roberts here; Driver/Officer, 1993; Sergeant, 1994/AFM, 1996, 1998) was the first assistant director on Partners in Crime
  • producer Michael Ferguson was the director of The War Machines, The Seeds of Death, The Ambassadors of Death and The Claws of Axos
  • location manager Val McCrimmon was an AFM on fifty-one episodes (from The Sensorites to Remembrance of the Daleks)