Thursday, 31 October 2013

Doctor Who Vs. The House That Dripped Blood

Shown on the Horror channel today, the British anthology feature, The House That Dripped Blood, starred the newly cast Third Doctor actor, Jon Pertwee (as Paul Henderson, seen here in a similar costume), cinema Doctor Peter Cushing (as Philip Grayson), and future 'Unbound' Time Lord, Geoffrey Bayldon (as Von Hartmann).
Released in 1971, the film consisted of four linked short stories, all scripted by Robert Bloch - the famous writer of Psycho (1960). Here, a Scotland Yard detective investigated four mysteries, all centred on the eponymous building.
Distributed by Amicus, the movie was produced by Max Rosenberg and Milton Subotsky - the co-producers of the two Dalek films of the 1960's - and also featured these eight 'classic' era Doctor Who actors:
  • John Bennett (DI Holloway) played General Finch in Invasion of the Dinosaurs, and Li H'sen Chang n The Talons of Weng-Chiang
  • John Bryans (Stoker) played Torvin in The Creature from the Pit (opposite Bayldon as Organon)
  • Ingrid Pitt (Carla, pictured) and Tom Adams (Dominick and Richard) both appeared in Warriors of the Deep, as Dr Solow and Commander Vorshak respectivley, and Pitt was also Queen Galleia in The Time Monster
  • Richard Coe (Talmadge) was the TV Announcer in The Chase: The Executioners
  • Wolfe Morris (Proprietor) was Padmasambhava in The Abominable Snowmen
  • Roy Evans (Hunchback) was Trantis in The Daleks' Master Plan, Bert in The Green Death, and a Miner in The Monster of Peladon
  • for Joanna Lumley (Crew girl) see my first blog for The New Avengers

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Doctor Who Vs. Silent Witness, Series 3

The third season of Silent Witness was first broadcast on BBC1 in the spring of 1998, and again starred Amanda Burton as Home Office pathologist, Professor Sam Ryan.
The show's distinctive theme music earned a RTS award for composer John Harle later that year.
The four, two-part stories - which began a repeat run on the Drama channel tonight - featured another twelve Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

An Academic Exercise
(UK TX: March 19 & 20 1998)
  • Adam James (Blackman) played DI McMillan in Planet of the Dead, and is the godson of Jon Pertwee
  • Alec Newman (Arnold) voiced Ed Driscoll for Blue Forgotten Planet (Big Finish, 2009)
  • Katherine Schlesinger (Dr Evans) was Gwendoline (pictured) in Ghost Light
  • regular series stunt arranger Rod Woodruff was a stunt co-ordinator on Rose and World War Three
Fallen Idol (UK TX: April 2 & 3)
  • Rachel Davies (Eileen) was Camilla in State of Decay
Divided Loyalties (UK TX: April 16 & 17)
  • Neil Stuke (Fox) has been cast in the titular role for the upcoming Fourth Doctor audio adventure, The Crooked Man
  • Andree Bernard (Assistant) was Dolly Bailey in The Shakespeare Code; and voiced Ellen Green (also for Blue Forgotten Planet), Joanna Slade for The Feast of Axos (BF, 2011), Erisi for The Entropy Composition, and Lorelei for Paradise 5 (BF, both 2010)
  • Tim Faraday (PC Davis) was Tom's Dad in Fear Her
  • director Bill Anderson has been assigned to block 2 of Series 10
Brothers In Arms (UK TX: April 23 & 24)
  • Elizabeth Berrington (Jane) was Auntie in The Doctor's Wife
  • Stephen Churchett (Alexander) was Bill in Attack of the Cybermen
  • Alec Sabin (Newsreader) was Ringway in Earthshock

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Doctor Who Vs. Silent Witness, Series 2

This drama's second season was first broadcast on BBC1 in 1997, and again
starred Amanda Burton as Home Office pathologist, Professor Sam Ryan.
The opening serial, penned by John Milne, won an Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America.
The four, two-part stories - recently repeated on the Drama channel - featured
Geoffrey Beevers (as Rev. Duffy in the second serial) and these fifteen Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

Blood, Sweat and Tears (UK TX: February 14 & 15 1997)
  • Frederick Treves (Reeve) played Lieutenant Brotadac in Meglos
  • Barry Jackson (Cross) and Ian Liston (MC) both appeared in The Armageddon Factor, as Drax and the Hero respectively - the former was also Ascaris in The Romans and Jeff Garvey in Mission to the Unknown
  • John Cater (Captain) was Professor Krimpton in The War Machines
  • Tom Lucy (Referee) was a stunt co-ordinator on the revived series and Torchwood
Cease Upon the Midnight (UK TX: February 28 & March 1)
  • director Catherine Morshead later helmed Amy's Choice and The Lodger
  • Roberta Taylor (Dr de Groot) voiced Berengaria for The Holy Terror (BF, 2000), and Angela Wisher in Cuudlesome (BF, 2008)
  • Linda Marlowe (Isobel) voiced May for Forty Five: Casualties of War (BF, 2008), Osloo for The Macros, and Commander Claire Spencer for The Word Lord (BF, both 2010)
  • series regular stunt arranger Rod Woodruff was a stunt co-ordinator on Rose and World War Three
Only the Lonely (UK TX: March 21 & 22)
  • Lloyd McGuire (Matthews) was Lugo in The Face of Evil
  • director Nicholas Laughland was an AFM on Earthshock
Friends Like These (UKTX: April 4 & 5)
  • Christopher Fairbank (Palmer) voiced Doc Baroque for The Scapegoat (BF, 2009), and the Professor for The Wreck of the Titan (BF, 2010)
  • Michael Attwell (Quayle) was Isbur in The Ice Warriors, and Bates in Attack of the Cybermen
  • Stewart Bevan (Wyn's Man) played Clifford Jones (pictured above with Katy Manning) in The Green Death
  • Greg Donaldson (PC) voiced Coach Bela Destry for The Game (BF, 2005)

Friday, 11 October 2013

Missing Doctor Who Episodes Revealed

Many months of internet speculation, and newspaper reports last weekend, culminated on Tuesday with official confirmation from the BBC of the existence of an unspecified number of 'lost' Doctor Who episodes.
The Radio Times website even reported that some recovered material would be released this week for sale online.
Finally, at a press conference in London yesterday, the Corporation revealed that nine installments from the Patrick Troughton era had been discovered in Nigeria by Phillip Morris, and restored by BBC Worldwide. The haul comprised of the five missing parts of The Enemy of the World, and four episodes from The Web of Fear. Frazer Hines, Deborah Watling and Mark Gatiss joined other guests and journalists to view two returned episodes.
The two complete adventures are now available to purchase from iTunes, and DVD releases are due next month and in the New Year.