Thursday, 13 October 2011

Great Doctor Who Quotes #12

"When I was a little boy, we used to live in a house that was perched halfway up the top of a mountain... there sat under a tree, an old man. A hermit, a monk. He'd lived under this tree for half his lifetime, so they said, and had learned the secret of life. So when my black day came, I went and asked him to help me.. I'll never forget what it was like up there. All bleak and cold... a few bare rocks with.. weeds.. and.. sludgy snow. It was just grey... The tree.. was ancient and twisted, the old man himself - he was as brittle and dry as a leaf in autumn... He just sat there, silently.. while I poured out my troubles. I was too unhappy even for tears.. When I'd finished, he lifted a skeletal hand and he pointed. [at] A flower. One of those little weeds. Just like a daisy.. I looked at it for a moment and suddenly I saw it through his eyes. It was simply glowing with life like a perfectly cut jewel, and the colours were deeper and richer than you could possibly imagine. It was the daisiest daisy I'd ever seen."

- The Doctor, The Time Monster, Episode 6 (June 24th 1972)
Written by Robert Sloman

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