Tuesday, 15 November 2011

New Doctor Who Movie?

Director David Yates (left) on the set of The Half Blood Prince

Rumours of a new Doctor Who film surfaced (again) on twitter last night! The reputable Hollywood media trade magazine, Variety reported yesterday that the English film director, David Yates is working on a movie version of the "iconic sci-fi TV series"- see Daily Variey here. St. Helens-born Yates helmed the last four installments in the Harry Potter film franchise, and has now teamed up with Jane Tranter at BBC Worldwide in Los Angeles to develop Doctor Who for the big-screen.
The only news so far confirmed by Yates is that Worldwide is "looking for [script] writers [from both sides of the Atlantic] now" and will take 2/3 years "to get it right" and that "it needs quite a radical transformation"! He added that "the notion of a time-travelling Time Lord is such a strong one, because you can express story and drama in any dimension.." and stressed that his film "would not follow on from the current TV series, but would take a completely fresh approach" - much like messrs Davies and Moffat in their successful revival.
Well this "high-powered" attempt by Yates and Tranter will contain "a British sensibility" but it sounds like a reboot too far, and how can anyone "put aside" 50 years of continuity and lore?
There has been no word yet on casting, but don't be surprised when Harry Potter actors are suggested from now on. Already there's talk of Alan Rickman as the new Doctor, and the role will inevitably go to a huge trans-atlantic draw, but I have always favoured John Hannah.
(Here's a nice Radio Times movie timeline)

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