Friday, 4 January 2013

Empire Presents The 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time

It's almost five years since cinema magazine Empire published their own list of the best ever TV shows, so surely it's time to reappraise the findings.
As any dedicated Whovian will admit, it's difficult (nigh impossible) to remain objective when any similar new poll is unveiled, for Doctor Who is without doubt, THE greatest television programme in the world. This particular survey needs urgent revision, simply because our favourite show warrants not just a higher standing than sixteenth place, but also recognition for the 'classic' era - only the revived, 21st century incarnation is included here. Consequently, the periodical cites (the much deserved) Blink as the best example of the series, whilst neglecting all pre-2005 stories.

Not surprisingly, the list - predominantly sci-fi and fantasy related and topped by The Simpsons - is characterised by influential US programming (in fact accounting for 78% of the whole study). The only British entries (eight of which are BBC produced) are Cracker (#44), Only Fools and Horses (#42), Life On Mars (#40), Monty Python's Flying Circus (#39), Father Ted (#36), Fawlty Towers (#28), Red Dwarf (#26), The Office (#23), Blackadder (#20), Doctor Who, and Spaced in tenth position.
So, Empire commented thus:

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