Saturday, 27 June 2015

Doctor Who Vs. Afterlife, Series 1

Produced by Clerkenwell Films, a repeat run of this supernatural drama series continued on ITV3 last night. The programme was created by horror writer Stephen Volk, and ran for two seasons in 2005 and 2006. Scottish film actor John Hannah was the executive producer on the first and final installments here.
Liverpool-born Lesley Sharpe won the RTS Best Actress award and a Golden Nymph prize for her role as psychic believer Alison Mundy. Her co-star Andrew Lincoln played sceptic academic, Dr. Robert Bridge, and together they investigated paranormal cases in Bristol. 
Sharp (pictured as Sky Silvestry in Midnight) was joined in the first six-part season by another twenty-two Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

More Than Meets The Eye (TX: September 24 2005)
  • series composer Edmund Butt, Toby Wood (music engineer), and Liz Pearson (post-production supervisor) all worked on An Adventure in Space and Time in those same capacities
  • Colin Prockter (Rose) was the Chef in The Long Game, and the Air Raid Warden in Victory of the Daleks
  • Gail Clayton (Surgeon) voiced Rigan for Big Finish's Unregenerate (2005)
  • Adam Ridge was boom operator on Music of the Spheres too
  • Rod Woodruff was also stunt co-ordinator on Rose and World War Three
  • Paul Kulik was a stuntman on Rose too
Lower Than Bones (TX: October 1)
  • Clare Cathcart (Liz) voiced Mary for The Settling (BF, 2006)
  • Jonathan Farmer was first assistant director on Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS too
Daniel One & Two (TX: October 8)
  • Steven Elder (Rabey) voiced Farrow for Jubilee (BF, 2003), and Rawden for Something Inside (BF, 2006)
  • Rhodri Meilir (Daniel 2) was Rhodri in The Runaway Bride
  • John Owen (Patient) was Thorpe in The Daemons
Misdirection (TX: October 15)
  • Richard Beale (Keyhoe) was the Refusian Voice in The Ark, Bat Masterson in The Gunfighters, the Broadcaster Voice in The Macra Terror, and the Minister in (episode 3 of) The Green Death
  • Mark Benton (McClune) was Clive in Rose, and voiced Ellis for Invaders From Mars (BF, 2002) and Jack Coulson for Energy of the Daleks (BF, 2012)
  • Mark Bonnar (Varcoe) was Jimmy in The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People, then voiced Porteus for The English Way of Death, and the Eleven for Doom Coalition (BF, both 2015)
  • Susan Engel (Ellen) was Cessair in The Stones of Blood
  • Tristan Beint (Student) was Tom in The Day of the Doctor
Sleeping With The Dead (TX: October 22)
  • Elaine Matthews was also script supervisor on The Girl Who Waited and The God Complex
The 7:59 Club (TX: October 29)
  • Veronica Roberts (Jean) voiced Krelos Major for The Fate of Krelos, and Relly for Return to Telos (BF, both 2015)
  • Phyllida Law (Irene) was Bea Nelson-Stanley in The Sarah Jane Adventures: Eye of the Gorgon, and voiced Belldonia for The Bride of Peladon (BF, 2008)
  • James Scott was the focus puller on Closing Time too

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Doctor Who Vs. Waking The Dead, Series 9

Series regulars Trevor Eve, Sue Johnston and Wil Johnson all returned (as DS Boyd, Dr.Grace Foley and DI Jordan) for the ninth, and final season of BBC One's award-winning crime drama, which first aired in the spring of 2011. Tara Fitzgerald's role (of Dr. Eve Lockhart) here was reprised later that year for the spin-off show, The Body Farm.
Peter Boyd and his Cold Case team were now joined by Superintendent Sarah Cavendish (played by Dublin-born actress Eva Birthistle), who was murdered in the finale by ACC Tony Nicholson (Paul McGann) in a bid to frame Boyd.
The ten-part series began a repeat run on the Drama channel tonight, and also featured David Bradley (as George Barlow in Waterloo) and thirty-one other Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

Harbinger (TX: March 13 & 14)
  • Amelda Brown (Elsa) voiced Margaret for The Adventure Games: The Gunpowder Plot
  • Ian Hanmore (Geiger) was Father Angelo in Tooth and Claw
  • Sinead Michael (Nicola) and Elizabeth Rider (DCC Smith) both appeared in The Sarah Jane Adventures - as Sky and Mistress Ellen respectively - series regular Rider also provided the ATMOS voice for The Sontaran Stratagem and was Linda in The Time of the Doctor
  • Graham Turner (Burke) was Amos in The Crimson Horror
  • Janet Dibley (Denise) voiced Commander Flail for The Early Adventures: The Black Hole (BF, 2015)
  • prolific Big Finish voice artist Susan Brown (Sue) was Bridget Spears in Torchwood: Children of Earth, and voiced Mary for 100: Bedtime Story (2007), Alice Withers for The Eternal Summer, Maud for Castle of Fear,  both Mrs Withers and Mrs Sowerby for Plague of the Daleks (all 2009), Margaret for both Deimos and The Resurrection of Mars, Eleanor Harvey for Return of the Krotons, Chief Engineer and Chanel for The Song of the Megaptera, Babs for Prison in Space (all 2010), and Kastrella for Death Match (2015)
  • film editor Crispin Green also edited Tooth and ClawThe Girl in the FireplaceThe Idiot's LanternFear HerSilence in the Library and Forest of the Dead
  • make-up artist Waldo Mason was part of the SFX crew on Aliens of London
  • hair and make-up designer Vivien Riley began her TV career as make-up assistant on (part 1 of) The Masque of Mandragora
  • series property master Paul Smith also held that post on sixteen installments, from Asylum of the Daleks to The Time of the Doctor
  • SFX supervisor Graham Brown was a SFX assistant on Attack of the Cybermen
  • Tom Lucy was also the stunt co-ordinator on sixteen adventures, from Smith and Jones to The Next Doctor
Care (TX: March 20 & 21)
  • Alice Krige (Karen) voiced Dr. Patricia Sawyer for Phantoms of the Deep (BF, 2013), and the Queen Mum for Death and the Queen, part of  the forthcoming release The Tenth Doctor Adventures
  • Anna Hope (Claire) was Novice Hame, a Cat Nun in Tardisode: New Earth, and Gridlock, and voiced DI Patricia Menzies for three Big Finish plays, The CondemnedThe Raincloud Man (both 2008) and The Crimes of Thomas Brewster (2011)
  • Teresa Banham (Penny) was the Governor of HMP Broadfell in The End of Time
  • Steve John Shepherd (Harding) voiced Simon Devlin for UNIT: Extinction (BF, 2015)
Solidarity (TX: March 27 & 28)
  • Adam Rayner (Kennedy) was Roger Curbishley in The Unicorn and the Wasp
  • Kieran Bew (Young Murray) voiced both Arthur Kettleson and Barry for The Lady of Mercia (BF, 2013), and was Ivan in Oxygen
  • Elize du Toit (Bonnie) was Miss Dexter (aka. Sinister Woman) in 42 and The Sound of Drums
Conviction (TX: April 3 & 4)
  • Big Finish actor Don Warrington (Barclay) was the President of Great Britain in Rise of the Cybermen, and voiced Rassilon for Seasons of FaerThe Time of the DaleksNeverland (all 2002), Zagreus (2003), Caerdroia and The Next Life (both 2004)
  • Babatunde Aleshe (Karl) was Sean in The Lodger
  • Rod Arthur (Gerald) was Mr. Parsons in School Reunion
  • Clive Wood (Carney here, and Clayton in Series 4) was the Roman Commander in The Pandorica Opens
  • Tom Goodman-Hill (Tristan) was Reverend Arnold Golightly in The Unicorn and the Wasp
Waterloo (TX: April 10 &11)
  • George Rainsford (returned as Boyd's son, Luke) voiced Prince Kylo for The Burning Prince (BF, 2012)
  • Louis Mahoney (Grant) was a Newscaster in Frontier in Space, Ponti in Planet of Evil, and the elder Billy Shipton in Blink
  • Stephen Greif (Knight) voiced Kwundaar for Primeval (BF, 2001), Gurney for The Infinite Questand Ken Temple for the Counter Measures spin-off audio series
  • Greg Bennett (Constable) went uncredited as both a UNIT Soldier and Sycorax Warrior in The Christmas Invasion, and a Guest in The Lazarus Experiment
  • Vineeta Risha (DI Khan) was Julia Swales for Smith and Jones, and voiced Dawon for The Emerald Tiger (BF, 2012)
  • series stunt double Curtis Rivers also doubled for John Barrowman (as Captain Jack) in UtopiaThe Sound of Drums and Torchwood

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Doctor Who Vs. Coronation Street, Part 7: 1976-1978

By 1976, Corrie was in decline, and Bill Podmore was
appointed to give the series a facelift and soon a new title sequence starred a cat for the first time. Established as a kitchen-sink drama in the Sixties, the show now received a much needed injection of humour, and under Podmore's producership ratings stabilised. An episode in April 1977 gained almost 21 million viewers, the highest figure of the decade.
These three years on the Street featured Geoffrey Beevers 
(as Mr. Liston in episode 1768), and twenty-three further 
Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

  • Geoffrey Bateman (Lightfoot) was Dymond in Nightmare of Eden
  • Lois Baxter (Marie) was Lamia in The Androids of Tara
  • Mary Healey (Thelma here; Yvonne, 1990) was a Killjoy in The Happiness Patrol
  • Big Finish artist Philip Bretherton (Rod here; Weston, 1991; and Ian Davenport, 2005) voiced Plenipotentiary Suskind for Arrangements for War (BF, 2004), Scrivener for Recorded Time, Darcy, D'Urberville and Heathcliff for A Most Excellent Match (both 2011), and Vituperon for The Devil's Armada (2014)
  • John Duttine (Baker) voiced Hector for Exotron (BF, 2007)
  • Derek Francis (Beaumont) was Nero in The Romans
  • Graham Weston (Livesley) was Russell in The War Games, and De Haan in Planet of Evil
  • Roy Boyd (Franklyn) was Driscoll in The Hand of Fear (part 2)
  • Leslie Dwyer (Dugdale) was Vorg in Carnival of Monsters
  • Sylvia Coleridge (Sonia) was Amelia Ducat in The Seeds of Doom
  • Christopher Coll (Goodwin here; and Victor Pendlebury, 1982-1992) was Phipps in The Seeds of Death and Stubbs in The Mutants
  • Geoffrey Leesley (Cox here; and Clegg, 2002) voiced Paramount Minister Mortund, also for Arrangements for War, and Harold for AudioGo's Serpent Crest: The Broken Crown (2011)
  • John Tordoff (Hill here; and Hesketh, 1999) was Alec Leeson in (episode 4 of) Colony in Space
  • Daphne Heard (Lizzie) was Martha Tyler in Image of the Fendahl
  • Angela Bruce (Janice) was Brigadier Winifred Bambera in Battlefield, a role reprised for Animal (BF, 2011)
  • Barry Jackson (Garfield) was Ascaris in The Romans, Jeff Garvey in Mission to the Unknown, Drax in The Armageddon Factor
  • Jimmy Gardner (Hargreaves) was Chenchu (pictured) in Marco Polo, and Idmon in Underworld
  • director Alan Bromly also helmed The Time Warrior and Nightmare of Eden
  • Tristan de Vere Cole directed The Wheel in Space too
  • director Matthew Robinson also helmed Resurrection of the Daleks and Attack of the Cybermen
  • Darrol Blake directed The Stones of Blood too
  • director John Black also helmed The Keeper of TrakenFour to Doomsday and K9 and Company
  • director Roger Cheveley had been the production designer on The War Games

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Doctor Who Vs. Secret Smile

This psychological drama was produced by Granada,
and was based on the 2003 novel of the same name, by
Nicci French, the pseudonym of English husband and wife writing team, Nicci Gerrard and Sean French.
Following his lead role in Casanova, and a part in the
remake of The Quatermass ExperimentDavid Tennant 
starred here as antagonist Brendan Block. Secret Smile 
was first screened on ITV in December 2005, just before Tennant's first full appearance as the new Doctor in The Christmas Invasion.
Another repeat run of this two-part serial began on ITV3 last night, and featured fifteen further Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

  • Kate Ashfield (Miranda, pictured) voiced Beth Stokes for Enemy of the Daleks (Big Finish, 2009)
  • Rory Kinnear (Nick) voiced Samuel Belfrage for Industrial Evolution (BF, 2011)
  • Tim Faraday (Mick) was Tom's Dad in Fear Her
  • Ella Kenion (Presenter) was Harriet in Let's Kill Hitler, and voiced Boudica for The Wrath of the Iceni (BF, 2012), and Romy for Equilibrium (BF, 2015)
  • Daniel Ryan (Prior) was Biff Cane in Midnight
  • Ben Willbond (Friend) voiced Timothy Vee for the fifth series of Jago & Litefoot (BF, 2013)
  • Jake Polonsky was the cinematographer on Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS too
  • composer Edmund Butt and Toby Wood (recording engineer) both worked on An Adventure in Space and Time in those capacities
  • Stuart Walker was the production designer on The Savages too
  • make-up artist Lisa Pickering was make-up assistant on (part 4 of) Warriors' Gate
  • production buyer Pauline Seager was the assistant floor manager (AFM) on The Five Doctors
  • Lisa McDiarmid (stand-by art director) and Antonia Grant (location scout) both worked on The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords
  • Darren Leen was also a driver on Voyage of the Damned and The Unicorn and the Wasp

Monday, 15 June 2015

Doctor Who Vs. Marple: The Sittaford Mystery

This period drama was first broadcast in April 2006
and concluded ITV's second season of Miss Marple adaptations. 
The original novel (issued by Collins in 1931) actually featured Agatha Christie's other early amateur detectives, Emily Trefusis, Charles Enderby and Inspector Narracott (in their only literary outing), not Jane Marple (again played here by Geraldine McEwan).
This Golden Age mystery shares many aspects with
The Hound of the Baskervilles (1902), and was 
published in America as The Murder at Hazelmoor.
The serial was repeated again on ITV3 yesterday,
and featured fifteen Doctor Who cast and crew

  • prolific Big Finish actor Ian Hallard (Reporter) voiced Sabian for Primeval (2001), Mouse and Winkler for Invaders From Mars, the Matrix voiced for Neverland (both 2002), Zeuro for Unbound: A Storm of Angels, Castellan Wynter for Gallifrey: Lies and Pandora (both 2005), Joseph Banks for The Transit of Venus, Captain Cannibal for Izzy's Story, John Polidori for Mary's Story (all 2009), Duncan for An Earthly Child (2010), Comtech Bron Kell for Dark Eyes 2: Time's Horizon, and Davent for Destroy the Infinite (both 2014) - he also played director Richard Martin (pictured) in An Adventure in Space and Time, and Alan-a-Dale in Robot of Sherwood
  • Carey Mulligan (Violet Willett) was Sally Sparrow in Blink
  • Michael Brandon (Zimmerman) was General Sanchez in The Stolen Earth, and voiced CP Doveday for Lurkers at Sunlight's Edge (BF, 2010)
  • Timothy Dalton (Trevelyan) was Lord President Rassilon in The End of Time
  • Michael Attwell (Stone) and screenplay writer Stephen Churchett both appeared in Attack of the Cybermen, as Bates and Bill respectively - Attwell was also Isbur in The Ice Warrior
  • James Wilby (Kirkwood) voiced Tenebris in The Acheron Pulse and The Shadow Heart (BF, both 2012)
  • Paul Kaye (Dr. Burt) has been cast in Series 9
  • Matthew Kelly (Garfield) voiced Michelangelo for the upcoming release, Fallen Angels (BF, 2016)
  • Marcus Catlin was also the first assistant director on The Hungry EarthCold BloodThe Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang
  • second assistant director Scott Bates was first assistant on Listen, Time Heist, Kill the Moon, Mummy on the Orient Express and Last Christmas
  • Garry Dawson was also stand-by props master on Cold WarThe Crimson Horror and The Sarah Jane Adventures: Invasion of the Bane
  • John Cooling was the stand-by rigger on Turn Left too
  • for Damien Timmer and Nigel Squibbs see Series 1

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Doctor Who Vs. Single Father

Produced by BBC Scotland (and filmed in Glasgow, Paisley and Edinburgh), this four-part drama
focused on Dave Tiler (played by David Tennant), a photographer struggling to look after his four children after the death of his partner, Rita (Laura Fraser) in a traffic accident.
Tennant's Doctor Who pedigree is clear, so I'll detail
his roles for Big Finish here. He voiced Feldwebel
Kurtz in Colditz (2001), Colonel Ross Brimmicombe Wood for both Unbound: Sympathy for the Devil
(2003) and UNIT: The Wasting (2005), Daft Jamie for Medicinal PurposesGalanar for the Dalek Empire III series (both 2004), and a Time Lord for Unbound: Exile (2003). He also voiced the Caretaker in the BBC webcast, Scream of the Shalka.
The series (originally broadcast in October 2010) began a repeat run on the True Entertainment channel last night, and featured eleven other Doctor Who cast and crew connections:
  • Neve McIntosh (Anna) has played a trio of Silurians - firstly the warrior twins Alaya and Restac (in The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood), then the recurring character of Vastra (introduced in A Good Man Goes to War) and later seen in The Crimson Horrorthe Prequel shorts (The Great DetectiveVastra Investigates and The Battle of Demons Run: Two Days Later), and Deep Breath
  • Isla Blair (Beatty) was Isabella in The King's Demons, and voiced Paula for Exotron (BF, 2007)
  • Suranne Jones (Sarah) had the titular role in The Sarah Jane Adventures: Mona Lisa's Revenge, and was Idris in The Doctor's Wife
  • Big Finish artist Warren Brown (Matt) voiced Stephen Gibson for Industrial Evolution (2011), Rufus Stone and To'Koth for Signs and Wonders(2014), and Lieutenant Sam Bishop for the upcoming UNIT: Extinction boxset
  • Rupert Grave (Stuart) was John Riddell in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
  • stunt co-ordinator Paul Heasman was a Nazi in Silver Nemesis, and the stunt arranger on Survival
  • Belinda McGinley was also a stunt performer on Amy's Choice, and The Girl Who Waited
  • stuntman Lee Sheward was a stunt co-ordinator on eleven adventures (from The End of the World to The End of Time), Torchwood: Miracle Day and Sherlock
  • Steve Smith was also a make-up artist on forty-one episodes (from The Christmas Invasion to The Waters of Mars), and Music of the Spheres
  • sound mixer Brian Milliken was the sound recordist on The Sontaran Stratagem, The Poison Sky and The Sarah Jane Adventures
  • composer Murray Gold has worked on the revived run since Rose

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Doctor Who Vs. The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, Series 2

Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke returned as Holmes and Watson for the sixth and penultimate season of Granada's acclaimed period drama.
Conan Doyle's final short Holmes stories were published between 1921 and 1927 as The Case Book, but only one adaptation here - The Last Vampyre (based on The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire) - is from that volume. 
Part one was adapted from The Adventure 
of Charles Augustus Milverton, and came from The Return of Sherlock Holmes (issued in 1904), whilst episode three was based on The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor, released as part of The Adventures collection in 1892.
These three feature-length mysteries began another repeat run on ITV3 last night, and starred Geoffrey Beevers (here as Inspector Montgomery in the third serial) and fifteen other Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

The Master Blackmailer (TX: January 2 1992)
  • Big Finish artist Nickolas Grace (Bertrand here; Oberstein for Hands of a Murderer, 1990) made a brief TV appearance as Albert Einstein in Death is the Only Answer (shown during the last edition of Doctor Who Confidential), and voiced Loozly for Bang-Bang-A-Boom! (2002), the Time Lord Straxus for Human Resources (2007), Sisters of the Flame and The Vengeance of Morbius (both 2008), Balancer and Viktor Skaarsgard for Equilibrium (2015), and Goole for The Gallery of Ghouls (2016)
  • Colin Jeavons (Inspector Lestrade) was Damon in The Underwater Menace, and George Tracey in K9 and Company
  • David Mallinson (Dorking) voiced Brodlik for Creatures of Beauty (BF, 2003)
  • Alan Rothwell (Tronson) voiced Janto for The Twilight Kingdom (BF, 2004)
  • Tom Lucy was also stunt co-ordinator on sixteen episodes, from Smith and Jones to The Next Doctor, and twenty installments of Torchwood
The Last Vampyre (TX: January 27 1993)
  • Roy Marsden (Stockton, pictured with Brett) was Mr. Stoker in Smith and Jones
  • Keith Barron (Ferguson) was Captain Straker in Enlightenment
  • Maurice Denham (Merridew) was Azmael in The Twin Dilemma, and voiced the President for The Paradise of Death
  • Juliet Aubrey (Dolores) voiced Vulpina for Voyage to Venus (BF, 2012)
  • Elizabeth Spriggs (Mrs Mason) was Tabby in Paradise Towers
  • Billy Horrigan was also (an uncredited) stuntman on (episode 1) of Terror of the Autons and (part 1) of The Masque of Mandragora, and had uncredited roles in Spearhead from Space (4), Inferno (1), The Mind of Evil (3/4), The Curse of Peladon (4), and The Green Death (1)
The Eligible Bachelor (TX: February 3 1993)
  • Simon Williams (St. Simon) was Group Captain 'Chunky' Ian Gilmore in Remembrance of the Daleks, a role he reprised for Big Finish's spin-off audio series Counter Measures1963: The Assassination Games (2013), and The Worlds of Doctor Who: The Reesinger Process (2014) - he also voiced Paul Addison and Shara for Nekromanteia (2003), and the Guardian for The Guardians of Prophecy (2012)
  • Anna Calder Marshall (Lady Helena and Agnes) voiced Mathilda Pierce for The Scream of the Shalka
  • Joanna McCallum (Flora) voiced The Bursar for Night Thoughts (BF, 2006)
  • production manager Liam Foster began his career as an AFM on Spearhead from Space

Monday, 1 June 2015

Doctor Who Vs. Coronation Street, Part 6: 1973-1975

The early Seventies was a time of evolution for Corrie 
as the series faced many challenges. Having enjoyed a stable core cast throughout its first decade, the show was faced with the departures of key characters. Comic storylines, popular in the 1960's, had become scarce, and ratings reached a low of 8 million in February 1973 as rival ITV soap-opera Crossroads (1964 to 1988) saw an increase in popularity.
A succession of producers were now keen to bring the programme up-to-date by introducing many younger characters and tackling controversial storylines. Two of the show's most ambitious stories yet occured in 1975 - abused housewife Lynn Johnson was murdered, and Brittain's Warehouse was destroyed by fire. 1974 also saw the show's first foreign location shoot in Majorca.
These three years on the Street featured Patrick Troughton (as George Barton in episodes 1441 and 1442, in November 1974), Mary Tamm (pictured as Polly Ogden in episodes 1348 and 1349, in December 1973), and twenty-one other Doctor Who cast
and crew connections:
  • Charles Pemberton (Mann) was one of the titular foes in The Tomb of the Cybermen, and an Alien Technician in (episode 5 of) The War Games
  • Llewellyn Rees (James) was the President in The Deadly Assassin
  • Paul Freeman (Slade) voiced Jalnik for Big Finish's The Foe from the Future (2012), an unused TV script by Robert Banks Stewart 
  • Alan David (Thomas) was Gabriel Sneed in The Unquiet Dead
  • Royston Tickner (Stranger) was Steinberger P. Green in The Daleks' Master Plan: The Feast of Steven and Robbins in (episode 1 of) The Sea Devils
  • Joanna Lumley (Elaine) appeared in The Curse of the Fatal Death as the first female incarnation of the Doctor
  • Ian Liston (Burrows) was the Hero in The Armageddon Factor (1)
  • Leonard Sachs (Berlin) was the Admiral Gaspard de Coligny in The Massacre, and Lord President Borusa in Arc of Infinity
  • Donald Gee (Meeker here; Crompton, 1994/95) was Major Ian Warne in The Space Pirates, and Eckersley in The Monster of Peladon
  • Richard Davies (Hopkins) was Burton in Delta and the Bannermen
  • John Barrard (Wilson) was the Shopkeeper in The Reign of Terror episodes, A Change of Identity and The Tyrant of France
  • Helen Worth (Gail Potter/Tilsley/Platt/McIntyre/Rodwell, 1974 to present) was Mary Ashe in The Colony in Space
  • Peter Bourke (Dodds) was Mr. Chambers in Human Nature
  • Stephen Yardley (Barrett) was Sevrin in Genesis of the Daleks, and Arak in Vengeance on Varos
  • Neil Daglish (Meggitt) was Damon in Arc of Infinity
  • director (of episodes 1454 and 1480) Ken Grieve helmed Destiny of the Daleks too
  • Geoffrey Hughes (Eddie Yeats, 1974-1983) was Popplewell in The Trial of a Time Lord: The Ultimate Foe
  • Kenneth Watson (Lancaster, 1975, 1979, 1980) was Bill Duggan inThe Wheel in Space, and Craddock in Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 AD
  • Rachel Davies (Donna) was Camilla in State of Decay
  • Carolyn Pickles (Michelle here; and Moira, 1998) voiced Lady Meera for Army of Death (BF, 2011)
  • Lloyd McGuire (PC Lyle, 1975, 1980; and Burridge, 2011) was Lugo in (part 1 of) The Face of Evil