Sunday, 31 January 2016

Doctor Who Vs. A Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery: Gaudy Night

The last television adaptations of the crime novels 
of Dorothy L. Sayers were originally transmitted on
BBC1 in 1987, and starred Edward Petherbridge as 
Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Walter as Harriet Vane.
This ten-part series followed two live television versions 
of Sayers' stage play Busman's Honeymoon (in 1947 
and 1957), and five serials shown by the Corporation 
between 1972 and 1975 starred Ian Carmichael as
The third and final, three-part serial, Gaudy Night 
(based on Sayers' tenth Wimsey novel and published
 in 1935) concluded another repeat run on the Drama channel yesterday 
and featured Caroline John (as Miss Burrows) and nine other Doctor 
Who cast and crew connections:

  • Clare Clifford (Graduate) was Professor Kyle (pictured) in Earthshock
  • make-up designer Jennifer Hughes was a make-up artist on Warriors of the Deep
  • Jennie Osborn was production manager on Enlightenment too
  • Bill Wild was the film editor on Arc of Infinity too
  • Elmer Cossey was also a film cameraman on (episode 5 of) Planet of the DaleksGenesis of the DaleksRevenge of the CybermenImage of the Fendahl and The Pirate Planet
  • for Alan Machin, Clive Thomas, Shirley Coward and Bob Warman see my blog for Strong Poison
BBC1's Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries began in 1972 with Cloud of Witness, and was followed by The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club and these three further mysteries. Gaudy Night was not dramatised for the series. Murder Must Advertise (1973) featured Peter Pratt and eleven other Doctor Who links:
  • director Rodney Bennett also helmed The Ark in Space, The Sontaran Experiment and The Masque of Mandragora
  • actors Paul Darrow, Fiona Walker, John Hallam, Anthony Carrick, Alan Chuntz, Royston Tickner, Harry Fielder
  • Deanne Turner was a make-up assistant on (episodes 1 and 6 of) Planet of the Spiders too
  • Alan Fogg also worked on studio sound for Planet of Giants, The Celestial Toymaker, Image of the Fendahl and Warriors' Gate
  • Ron Koplick worked on studio lighting for Pyramids of Mars too
The Nine Tailors (1974) was again adapted by Anthony Steven, and 
featured another twelve Doctor Who cast and crew connections:
  • actors Donald Eccles, Neil McCarthy, Keith Drinkel, Peter Tuddenham, Robin Wentworth, Kenneth Colley, Keith James, Kenneth Thornett
  • David Hughes was also a studio sound assistant on The War Machines, Fury from the Deep, The Space Pirates (6), Colony in Space (1 and 6) and Horror of Fang Rock 
  • Joyce Hawkins was costume designer on Horror of Fang Rock too
  • film editor Alistair McKay also edited The Green Death and (part 4 of) Snakedance
  • production assistant Edwina Craze was also PA on The Tenth Planet, The Krotons, The War Games (10), and Terror of the Zygonsand AFM on The Enemy of the World and The Mind Robber (she was married to Michael Craze)
Five Red Herrings (1975) concluded the series, and featured nine final
Doctor Who links:
  • producion assistant Peter Grimwade held that post on Spearhead from Space, The Daemons, Robot, Pyramids of Mars, The Robots of Death and Horror of Fang Rock, then directed Full Circle, Logopolis, Kinda and Earthshock, and scripted Time Flight, Mawdryn Undead and Planet of Fire
  • producer Bill Sellars was the director of The Celestial Toymaker
  • production manager Christopher D'Oyly John began his career as AFM on The Ark, was production assistant on The Macra Terror, The Invasion, The Silurians (1 and 7), InfernoThe Curse of Peladon (4),The Mutants (6), Carnival of Monsters and Death to the Daleks (1), then was unit manager on The Masque of Mandragora, The Hand of Fear, The Deadly Assassin, The Face of Evil, The Robots of Death and The Talons of Weng-Chiang
  • actors Michael Sheard, Russell Hunter, Robert James, David McKail, Donald Douglas, James Copeland, 

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Doctor Who Vs. The Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery: Have His Carcase

The last television adaptations of the crime novels 
of Dorothy L. Sayers were originally transmitted on
BBC1 in 1987, and starred Edward Petherbridge 
as Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Walter as Harriet 
This ten-part series followed two live TV versions of Sayers' stage play Busman's Honeymoon (in 1947 
and 1957), and five serials shown between 1972 
and 1975.
The complete four-part serial (based on Sayers' 
seventh Wimsey novel and published in 1932) was repeated on the Drama channel today, and featured twenty-four Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

  • Big Finish artist Michael Troughton (PC Ormonde) voiced Quendril for Lords of the Red Planet (2013), and Menlove Stokes for The Romance of Crime and The Well-Mannered War (both 2015), then played Professor Albert Smithe (pictured) in Last Christmas
  • Rowena Cooper (Mrs. Weldon) voiced Emily Shaw for both The Companion Chronicles release, The Last Post (BF, 2012), and The Cloisters of Terror (BF, 2015)
  • Ray Armstrong (Inspector Trethowan) was Grey in The Ambassadors of Death
  • Arthur Cox (Hardy) was Cully in The Dominatorsthen returned to the show 42 years later as Mr. Henderson in The Eleventh Hour
  • Peter Benson (Perkins) was Bor in Terminus
  • Arthur Hewlett (Trewin) was Kalmar in State of Decay, and Kimber in Terror of the Vervoids
  • Arthur Blake (Editor) was Hrhoonda in The Web Planet: The Zarbi
  • John Cater (Pollock) was Professor Krimpton in The War Machines
  • Robin Soans (Merryweather) was Luvic in The Keeper of Traken, and was the Chronolock Guy in Face the Raven
  • Brian Hawksley (Dr. Fenchurch) was Brewster in Black Orchid
  • John Mooney was also a sound assistant on Remembrance of the Daleks, (part 3 of) Silver NemesisThe Greatest Show in the GalaxyBattlefield and Ghost Light
  • for Barbara Gosnold, Clare Graham, Nicholas Laughland, Alan Machin, Colin Mapson, Clive Thomas, Shirley Coward, Monica Rodger and Paul Wheeler see Strong Poison
  • Anushia Nieradzik was also the costume designer on FrontiosAttack of the Cybermen and Battlefield
  • Bob Roberts was also film recordist on The Massacre, The Three Doctors and Resurrection of the Dalels
  • Geraldine Stephenson was the choreographer on (parts 1 and 2 of) The Brain of Morbius too
  • Robin Lobb was also the video FX assistant on The Leisure Hive, Warriors' Gate and Mawdryn Undead
The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club (published in 1928) was again adapted
by Anthony Steven, and was first shown in February 1973. Derek Newark now played Bunter, and was joined by eighteen further Doctor Who cast and crew connections:
  • Terence Alexander, Donald Pickering, Clifford Rose, Arthur Hewlett, Sheila Fay, Jimmy Gardner, John Tordoff, Peter Ducrow, John Scott Martin, Pat Gorman, Gordon Pitt, Aubrey Danvers-Walker and Steve Peters
  • AA Englander (here and Murder Must Advertise) was also film cameraman on The Ambassadors of Death and The Claws of Axos
  • Richard Trevor edited (part 1 of) Underworld too
  • Simon Wilson also worked on studio sound for The Green Death and The King's Demons
  • Bob Gell and Dave Sydenham both worked on studio lighting, for Horror of Fang Rock and The Moonbase respectively

Monday, 4 January 2016

Doctor Who Vs. A Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery: Strong Poison

The last television adaptation of Dorothy L. Sayers' (1893-1957) crime novels originally aired on BBC1
in 1987, and starred Edward Petherbridge as Lord 
Peter Wimsey and Harriet Walter as Harriet Vane.
This ten-part series followed two live TV versions 
of Sayers' stageplay Busman's Honeymoon 
(in 1947 and 1957), and five serials (with Ian 
Carmichael as Wimsey) shown between 1972 
and 1975.
The Corporation was unable to secure the rights 
for a third rendition of Busman's Honeymoon for 
this series. The first, three-part serial, Strong Poison was based on Sayers' fifth Wimsey novel, published in 1930.
Another repeat run of the mystery concluded 
on the Drama channel last night, and featured 
Geoffrey Beevers (as Ryland Vaughan) and 
twenty-three other Doctor Who cast and crew connections:
  • David Quilter (CI Parker) was Greeves in The Unicorn and the Wasp
  • Preston Lockwood (Judge) was Dojjen in Snakedance
  • Ronald Leigh-Hunt (Biggs) was Commanders, Julian Radnor in The Seeds of Death, and Stevenson in Revenge of the Cybermen
  • Timothy Bateson (Pond) was Binro in The Ribos Operation
  • Patrick Carter (Usher) was the Bosun in The Chase: Flight Through Eternity
  • Stewart Bevan (Sergeant) was Professor Clifford Jones (pictured with Katy Manning) in The Green Death
  • Jo Rowbottom (Mrs. Bullfinch) was Mollie Dawson in The Evil of the Daleks
  • Bernard Martin (Reporter) was a Control Room Assistant in (episode 2 of) The Ambassadors of Death
  • Barbara Gosnold was the production designer on The Invasion of Time too
  • Richard Croft was also the costume designer on Delta and the BannermenDragonfireThe Happiness Patrol and Silver Nemesis
  • Clare Graham was the production manager on The Mysterious Planet too
  • Richard Manton was also film recordist on The Daemons and The Mutants
  • production manager Nicholas Laughland was the assistant floor manager (AFM) on Earthshock
  • Alan Machin was also the sound supervisor on The Android InvasionFour to DoomsdayKindaThe VisitationBlack Orchid and Earthshock
  • OB camera supervisor Mike Winser was a camera operator on (part 1 of) The Stones of Blood, and the Daleks: The Early Years VHS release
  • Doug Whittaker also worked on OB sound for Time and the Rani, Paradise Towers (4), Delta and the BannermenRemembrance of the Daleks and The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
  • Colin Mapson was also VFX designer on The Green DeathThe Hand of FearImage of the FendahlThe Invasion of TimeThe Pirate PlanetNightmare of Eden and Time and the Rani
  • Paul Wheeler was a film cameraman on The Awakening too
  • John Mason also worked on OB lighting for RobotThe Talons of Weng-Chiang and The Ultimate Foe
  • Clive Thomas worked on studio lighting for The Three Doctors and Carnival of Monsters too
  • Shirley Coward was also vision mixer on (episode 1 of) The Tenth PlanetTerror of the Autons (1), Frontier in Space (5), Underworld (1), The Five Doctors, Terror of the Vervoids, The Ultimate Foe, Paradise Towers, Delta and the BannermenDragonfire, Remembrance of the Daleks and The Happiness Patrol
  • Monica Rodger was a production assistant on Nightmare of Eden too
  • Bob Warman was technical co-ordinator on The Smugglers too

Carmichael (1920-2010) first played Wimsey in Clouds of Witness (published in 1926), shown on BBC1 in April to May 1972. This five-part mystery, dramatised by Anthony Steven (who later scripted The Twin Dilemma), featured Glyn Houston (as Wimsey's valet Bunter, here and The Nine Tailors and Five Red Herrings), Anthony Ainley (Cathcart), Kate O'Mara (Cynthia), and twenty-
five further Doctor Who cast and crew connections:
  • director Hugh David had also helmed The Highlanders and Fury from the Deep
  • series production designer Raymond Cusick also designed forty-two early episodes
  • make-up artists Monica Ludkin and Rhian Davies both began their careers on The Time Meddler and The Claws of Axos (3/4) respectively
  • Norman Bennett (sound), Dennis Channon (studio lighting), and John McGlashan (film cameraman) all held those post on the classic series
  • film editor Chris Wimble (here and Murder Must Advertise) also edited The Ambassadors of Death, The Daemons, The Invasion of Time and (part 1 of) The Leisure Hive
  • Mark Eden (DI Parker here, The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club and Murder Must Advertise, both 1973), Francis De Wolff, George Coulouris, John Wyse, John Franklyn-Robbins, John Bryans, Eric Francis, Anthony Jacobs, Noel Coleman, Andre Maranne, Alan Judd, Graham Leaman, Kenneth Benda, Richard Beale, George Cormack, Graham Rigby, and Bill Burridge