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Doctor Who Vs. The Avengers, Series 2

When production on the initial run of
The Avengers was cut short by a strike,
lead actor Ian Hendry quit the series
to pursue a cinema career, and Patrick
Macnee's role of John Steed then
became the new focus. 
The cult fantasy show returned to ITV
in the autumn of 1962, with Steed now
joined by fellow agent, Dr. Cathy Gale, portrayed by Honor Blackman (born
1925). She was unlike any female
character seen before on British TV,
and was ultimately emulated by every
actress in similar roles since.
Future Doctor Who script writers John LucarottiMalcolm Hulke, Terrance DicksPeter Ling and Geoffrey Orme
all provided screenplays here.
Another repeat run of the second season began on the True Entertainment Channel tonight - the twenty-six episodes featured Nicholas Courtney (Captain Legros in episode two), and a total of eighty Doctor Who cast and crew connections:

Mr. Teddy Bear (TX: September 29 1962)
  • Blackman later found global fame as Bond girl, Pussy Galore in Goldfinger, and later played Professor Lasky in Terror of the Vervoids, then voiced Queen Anahita for Big Finish's The Children of Seth (2011)
  • for Michael Robbins (Farrow) see Series 1: Dragonsfield
Propellant 23 (TX: October 6)
  • for Geoffrey Palmer (Manning) see Series 1: Dance With Death
  • Barry Wilsher (Pierre) was Heslington in The Faceless Ones
  • John Dearth (Siebel) provided the Voice of BOSS for The Green Death, then was Lupton in Planet of the Spiders
  • John Gill (Martan) was Mr Oak in Fury from the Deep
  • Graham Ashley (Gendarme) was the Overseer in The Underwater Menace
  • for designer Paul Bernard (here and on Six Hands Across a Table) see my blog for Series 1
The Decapod (TX: October 13)
  • Philip Madoc (Stepan here, and Seabrook in part 25) was Eelek in The Krotons, the War Lord in The War Games, Dr Mehendri Solon in The Brain of Morbius, Fenner in The Power of Kroll, Brockley in the second Dalek film, and provided the voices of Rag Cobden in Return of the Krotons (BF, 2009), and Victor Schaeffer for Master (2003)
  • for Wolfe Morris (Ito) see Series 1: The Yellow Needle
  • Valentino Musetti (Sarkoff) was a Saracen Warrior in The Crusade: The Lion, and had another eight uncredited parts in the classic era
  • Valerie Stanton (Girl) was an uncredited Parisian in The Massacre: Priest of Death, and a Secretary in The Space Pirates
Bullseye (TX: October 20)
  • Bernard Kay (Karl) was Carl Tyler in The Dalek Invasion of Earth, Saladin in The Crusade, Inspector Crossland in The Faceless Ones, and Caldwell in Colony in Space, and later voiced Major Dickens for Night Thoughts (Big Finish, 2006)
  • Robin Wentworth (George) was Professor Horner in (episode one of) The Daemons
  • Fred Ferris (Inspector) was Bert Rowse in Planet of Giants: Crisis
Mission to Montreal (TX: October 27)
  • Jon Rollason (King here, and in Dead On Course) was Harold Chorley in The Web of Fear
  • for Mark Eden (Nicholson) see Series 1: Ashes of Roses
  • John Bennett (Marson) was General Finch in Invasion of the Dinosaurs, and Li H'sen Chang in The Talons of Weng-Chiang
  • Alan Curtis (Brand) was Major Green in The War Machines
  • Alan Casley (Barman) was the uncredited Miro in (episode 1 of) Planet of the Daleks
  • Malcolm Taylor (Reporter) was Walters in The Ice Warriors
  • Terence Woodfield (Reporter here, and Green in School For Traitors) was Celation in The Daleks' Master Plan, and Maharis in The Ark
  • Leslie Pitt (Reporter) was an uncredited Citizen in (episode 1 of) The Macra Terror
  • Pamela Ann Davy (Peggy) was Janley in The Power of the Daleks
The Removal Men (TX: November 3)
  • for Edwin Richfield (Siegel) and Reed De Rouen (Dragna here, and writer of Six Hands Across a Table) see Series 1: Girl on the Trapeze and The Far Distant Dead respectively
  • George Little (Waiter) was Haroun ed-Din in The Crusade
The Mauritius Penny (TX: November 10)
  • Anthony Rogers (Boy) was a titular alien in The Sensorites
Death of a Great Dane (TX: November 17)
  • Frederick Jaeger (Getz here; Benson in The Cybernauts and Return of the Cybernauts; and Jones in The New Avengers: Target!was Jano in The Savages, Sorenson in Planet of Evil, and Professor Marius, in The Invisible Enemy
  • Leslie French (Gregory) was the Mathematician in Silver Nemesis
  • Dennis Edwards (Assistant) was a Centurian in The Romans: The Slave Traders, and Lord Gomer in The Invasion of Time
  • for Eric Elliott (Wine taster) see Series 1: The Frighteners
The Sell-Out (TX: November 24)
  • for Frank Gatliff (Harvey here, and Pitt-Norton in A Chorus of Frogs) see Series 1: One For The Mortuary
  • Arthur Hewlett (One-Twelve) was Kalmar in State of Decay and Kimber, also in Terror of the Vervoids
Death On The Rocks (TX: December 1)
  • Gerald Cross (Fenton) voiced the Megara for The Stones of Blood
  • for Hamilton Dyce (Daniels) see Series 1: Death on the Slipway
Traitor in Zebra (TX: December 8)
  • Richard Leech (Franks here; Policeman in Dressed to Kill; Drew in Mission Highly Improbable; and Terrison in The New Avengers: Faceswas Gatherer Hade in The Sun Makers
  • Noel Coleman (Nash) was Smythe in The War Games
  • William Gaunt (Graham) was Orcini in Revelation of the Daleks
  • June Murphy (Maggie) was Maggie Harris in Fury from the Deep, and Officer Jane Blythe in The Sea Devils
The Big Thinker (TX: December 15)
  • David Garth (Farrow) was Solicitor Grey in The Highlanders, and a Time Lord in (the first episode of) Terror of the Autons
  • Tenniel Evans (Hurst) was Major Daly in Carnival of Monsters
  • Penelope Lee (Clarissa) was the Computer voice in Revelation of the Daleks
  • Marina Martin (Janet) was Drahvin One in Galaxy 4
Death Dispatch (TX: December 22)
  • Alan Mason (Pasco) was Corporal Nutting in The Silurians
Dead On Course (TX: December 29)
  • Janet Hargreaves (Sister) was Mum in The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
  • Edward Kelsey (Gerry) was a Slave Buyer in The Romans: The Slave Traders, Resno in (episode 2 of) The Power of the Daleks, and Edu in The Creature from the Pit
Intercrime (TX: January 5 1963)
  • Jerome Willis (Lobb) was Stevens in The Green Death
Immortal Clay (TX: January 12)
  • James Bree (Miller here; and Wilkington in Series 6: Killer) was the Security Chief in The War Games, Nefred in Full Circle, the Keeper of the Matrix in The Ultimate Foe, and the Lama in Downtime
  • for Gary Watson (Marling) see Series 1: Death On The Slipway
  • Steve Plytas (De Groot) was Wigner in The Tenth Planet
Box of Tricks (TX: January 19)
  • Dallas Cavell (Manager here; and Farmer in The New Avengers: To Catch a Rat) notched up five classic era roles - he was the Overseer in The Reign of Terror: Guests of Madame Guillotine, Bors in The Daleks' Master Plan: Devil's Planet, Jebb Trask in The Highlanders, Sir James Quinlan in The Ambassadors of Death, and the Head of Security in (part 1 of) Castrovalva
  • Royston Tickner (Maitre D') was Steinberger P Green in The Daleks' Master Plan: The Feast of Steven and Robbins in (episode 1 of) The Sea Devils
Warlock (TX: January 26)
  • John Hollis (Markel) was Sondergaard in The Mutants
  • Brian Vaughan (Doctor) was Commander Watts in (episode 4 of) The Sea Devils
The Golden Eggs (TX: February 2)
  • Donald Eccles (Ashe) was Krasis in The Time Monster
School For Traitors (TX: February 9)
  • John Standing (East) voiced Fenric for Gods and Monsters (Big Finish, 2012)
  • Ronald Mayer (Jackson) was a Villager in The Daemons
The White Dwarf (TX: February 16)
  • George A Cooper (Maxwell here; Burgess in The Curious Case of the Countless Clues; and Brandon in The New Avengers: The Tale of the Big Whywas Cherub in The Smugglers
  • Philip Latham (Cartright) was President Borusa in The Five Doctors
  • Peter Copley (Barker here; Sparshott in All Done With Mirrors; and Waterlow in The New Avengers: Cat Amongst the Pigeonswas Dr Warlock in Pyramids of Mars
  • Keith Pyott (Richter) was Autloc in The Aztecs
  • Paul Anil (Rahim) was Jacko in The Underwater Menace
  • George Roubicek (Doctor) was Captain Hopper in The Tomb of the Cybermen
Man in the Mirror (TX: February 23)
  • Ray Barrett (Strong) was Bennett/Koquillion in The Rescue
  • Rhoda Lewis (Jean) was Marta in State of Decay
  • Hayden Jones (Trevelyan) was Lenny Vosper in The Mind of Evil
  • David Graham (Peter) was Charlie in The Gunfighters, Kerensky in City of Death and voiced the Daleks in five TV serials
Conspiracy of Silence (TX: March 2)
  • Robert Rietty (Carlo) was the voice of Bedloe for Death Comes to Time 
  • Roy Purcell (Gutman) was CPO Powers in The Mind of Evil and the President in The Three Doctors
  • Willie Shearer (Professor) was a Chumblie in Galaxy 4
A Chorus of Frogs (TX: March 9)
  • John Carson (Ariston here; Halvarssen in Second Sight; Fitch in Dial a Deadly Number; and Freddy in The New Avengers: The Midas Touchwas Director Ambril in Snakedance
  • Alan Haywood (Jackson) was Prince Hector in The Myth Makers: Temple of Secrets
Six Hands Across a Table (TX: March 16)
  • Campbell Singer (Stanley) was Joey the Clown, the King of Hearts and Sergeant Rugg in The Celestial Toymaker
  • Edward De Souza (Collier) was Marc Cory in Mission to the Unknown, and voiced Lord Mortimer Davey for The Roof of the World (BF, 2004)
  • Ilona Rodgers (Receptionist) was Carol in The Sensorites
  • Ian Cunningham (Thomas) was Dr. Meredith in (episode 1 of)The Silurians
Killer Whale (TX: March 23)
  • for John Bailey (Fernand) and Morris Perry (Harry) see Series 1 episodes, A Change of Bait and Dragonsfield respectively
  • Christopher Coll (Assistant) was Phipps in The Seeds of Death and Stubbs in The Mutants

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