Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Doctor Who Vs. North Sea Hijack

This British thriller from Cinema Seven Productions
was known as Ffolkes outside the UK, then was
renamed Assault Force for American TV. The film
was a vehicle for Roger Moore and Anthony Perkins
- both wanted to escape typecasting roles. James
Bond actor Moore followed Moonraker with this
project, whilst Perkins was best known for Psycho.
Released by Universal in 1980, the feature was a
box office flop - it was shown on the Spike channel
today - it featured James Mason, and seventeen
Doctor Who cast connections:

  • Jeremy Clyde (Tipping) voiced George Sinclair for Big Finish's Doom Coalition (2016)
  • George Baker (Fletcher) was Decider Login in Full Circle
  • John Lee (Phillips) was Alydon (pictured) in The Daleks
  • Tim Bentinck (Harris) voiced Giles Moreau and Jenkins for Destination Nerva, Roger Buchman for Wirrn Isle (both 2012), Nathaniel Whitlock for Moonflesh (2013), both Ned Bones and Lord Burghley for The Devil's Armada (2014), Colonel Radlett for The English Way of Death, Chowdras and Governor for Planet of the Rani (both 2015), General Kallix for The War Doctor 2: Infernal Devices (2016), Wakefield and Stonegood for The Contingency Club, Professor Edward Travers and the Great Intelligence for The New Counter Measures 2 (both 2017), and Lord Crozion for Kingdom of Lies (2018)
  • Thane Bettany (Heyerdal) was Tarak in State of Decay
  • Jonathan Newth (Kirk) was Orfe in Underworld
  • Martin Matthews (Man) was Kurster in The Androids of Tara
  • Eiji Kusuhara (Eiji) was a Chinaman in Four to Doomsday, and voiced Professor Toshio Shimura for Enemy of the Daleks (BF, 2010)
  • Eric Mason (Stallemo) was Smedley in The Sea Devils, and Green in The Mind of Evil
  • Barry Andrews (Driver) was Stott in Nightmare of Eden
  • David Ashford (Cab Driver) was Dad in The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
  • Dinny Powell, Greg Powell (Assault Team Member) and stuntmen Martin Grace, Rick Lester, Valentino Musetti and Mark McBride all worked on the classic run

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