Saturday, 5 March 2011

Doctor Who: Ripper's Curse #2 Preview

Story - Tony Lee
Artwork - R P Rayner
Covers - T L Edwards (left) and Chris Samnee (right, courtesy of
Issued - March 2011
Part 2 of Ripper's Curse (Vol. 2, Issue 3): Jack the Ripper has been captured! The Doctor is in custody accused of the Whitechapel Murders, whilst the real killer is following Amy. What connects her to Mary Kelly, and how has Rory become chief of police?
The alternative, unused version of Samnee's cover was dropped by IDW because of the BBC's strict "no knives" policy (despite a story that centres around the grisly murder of prostitutes).
My favourite Doctor Who novel, Matrix, by Mike Tucker and Robert Perry, also presents the Doctor as a Ripper suspect.

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