Friday, 30 December 2011

The Best (and Worst) Doctor Who of 2011

The io9 science blog published it's TV review of the year yesterday. Meredith Woerner's article, The Best and Worst Television Moments of 2011, features three Doctor Who stories. 
The season finale, The Wedding of River Song is actually named as one of the 'Worst' shows, and is described as the "most melodramatic Who moments we've seen since Russell T Davies, but with way less real emotion behind it. So much cheese, and not in the fun tiney wimey way."
Thankfully, the list of 'Best' sci-fi and fantasy programmes includes The Impossible Astronaut ("a classic example of the many wonderful Matt Smith Doctor-isms we were treated to this year"), and A Good Man Goes to War - "We'd thought our days of swooning over Rory Williams had come to an end after the heroic Pandorica epic (after all, he is the boy who waited). But then someone kidnaps his wife, and Rory gets pissed! What a glorious moment for all "The Nose" fans everywhere. 

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