Saturday, 14 January 2012

Defending Love & Monsters, Again!

In the current issue of DWM (443), writer Jonathan Morris examines Love & Monsters for it's regular The Fact of Fiction feature.
The article counters a recent NuWho news story: "Last November, in an interview with the Daily Express, Peter Kay said that his only real regret in his career was his appearance in Doctor Who." Comedy actor Kay added however that he "loved making it.. but when I saw it, I thought, Oh my God, I'm a big green lizard running around Cardiff. Is that it?" He also said that although "it's nice to have been in [the programme, but Love & Monsters].. is regarded by fans as the worst episode ever."
But Kay is mistaken, and I must concur with Morris - the serial must be defended. In the magazine's Season Survey for 2006, Fear Her was voted the least popular adventure, and their Mighty 200 poll of 2009 ranked Love & Monsters at 153rd - Fear Her polled 192nd!
Despite it's 'marmite' reputation, this Russell T Davies story has much to commend it, and my support for Love & Monsters began in earnest last June - see my first post here, for it's many merits.

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