Thursday, 26 January 2012

Doctor Who Series 6 TV Awards

The latest season of Doctor Who has triumphed again, this time at the annual National Television Awards. Last night in London, Matt Smith was voted Best Male Drama Performance as the Doctor, and Karen Gillan won the Female equivalent prize for Amy Pond. The programme itself narrowly missed out to Downton Abbey for the Best Drama honours.
Doctor Who has traditionally performed well at the NTA's since the show's revival, and has now secured fourteen awards.
This success follows the recent Virgin Media TV Awards, where NuWho topped FIVE catergories!
The programme went head-to-head with Merlin, to narrowly win 'TV Show of the Year'.
The 'TV Character of the Year' was Rory Williams (Arthur Darvil).
The Doctor's 'death' in The Impossible Astronaut was voted the 'Most Explosive TV Moment of the Year'.
And Gillan won two more prizes, for 'Hottest Female' and 'Best Actress'.

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